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You can now buy MAC makeup on Snapchat – here’s how

It’s fun to swipe through the Snapchat glam filters so you can instantly add a pink lip color and matching eye shadow to the selfies you send to your group chat. Occasionally, you may really like how a particular filter looks and feels inspired to shop for makeup. Thanks to the latest AR technology funded by Estée Lauder, you can now try on makeup through the Snapchat lens and then buy exactly what you wear without leaving the app. MAC Cosmetics will be the first make-up brand in Estée Lauder’s portfolio to bring this novel technology to market. The shopping option launched today, May 20th, with 20 different MAC make-up products to try on and buy directly via the Snapchat platform. You can now buy the brand’s most popular eye and lip products such as the Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyeshadow. According to the MAC, more will be added. In an exclusive press release, the brand plans to release “hundreds of products and colors from the MAC profile” for digital trying on and buying via Snapchat. Even with a curated collection of lenses and shoppable makeup, the technology is pretty foolproof: the front-facing Snapchat camera lets you see exactly what a particular MAC lipstick or eye shadow, in your respective shade and finish, will look like on your face . If you love a subtle glam filter, your wallet could hit the mark. With convenience in mind – just click the little “shop” button just below your reflection in the mirror – it might be worth it. Do you like what you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? Amazon’s $ 10 Clear Makeup Bags are TSA approved. How Muslim women use makeup to celebrate EidLizzie McGuire x Colourpop makeup is HERE

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