10 Kitchen Gadgets to Keep Seniors Safe

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No matter how hard you try to make sure your elderly loved ones are safe and secure at home, home accidents can still happen. Many of these mishaps happen in the kitchen. Dangers in the kitchen include:

  • Burns from boiling water or liquids
  • Slips and falls on floors
  • Cuts with knives and sharp objects
  • irritation in the eyes
  • Accidental fires caused unattended stoves or ovens

While kitchen accidents can happen to anyone, seniors who live independently may be more vulnerable than most.

10 kitchen gadgets to keep seniors safe Signals az

Safety cooking and baking tools for seniors

New high-tech gadgets are making it easy for older adults to reap all the benefits of aging while reducing their risk of dangerous kitchen accidents.

Here are 10 gadgets that make cooking and baking safer for seniors:

1. Cut-resistant gloves and finger protection

Cut-resistant gloves or finger guards can help older people handle knives in the kitchen to avoid nicks or cuts.

2. Safety cutting boards

Safety cutting boards can help seniors avoid cuts in the kitchen. These boards have a rubber surface to prevent slipping and also feature rounded guides to keep a knife on track.

3. Vegetable slicer

For people who prefer not to use knives, there are knifeless vegetable cutters. After peeling, simply place the veggies in the chopper and press on the top to ensure a perfect cut.

4. Electric can and jar openers

Powered can and jar openers can help prevent painful gripping and twisting, especially for those with osteoporosis. These devices can reduce the risk of lacerations or other injuries from a sharp can lid or dropped glass.

5. Easy Pour Kettle

Electric kettles help prevent burns by avoiding hot surfaces to heat water. Easy-Pour kettles take it a step further by using a stand to pour the kettle straight into a cup without even having to pick it up.

6. Push-on screens

Another way to avoid accidental scalding is with snap-on strainers. Attach the strainer to a pan and pour the water down the sink – no need to hold the strainer with one hand and aim with the other.

7. Kitchen timer

Kitchen timers are useful for older adults who are prone to memory lapses. These gadgets can alert an unwary cook to the roast left in the oven or pasta that’s about to cook.

8. Cookers and ovens with automatic shutdown

Ovens and cookers with auto shut-off can help prevent overcooked food and kitchen fires. These are useful for seniors struggling with memory lapses.

9. Oven grid protection

Rust guards made of heat resistant material can be attached to the front end of an oven shelf to prevent a hand or arm from coming into contact with a hot surface.

10. Anti-fatigue, non-slip kitchen floor mats

Anti-fatigue and non-slip kitchen mats reduce pressure and stress on the feet, knees and lower back by providing a non-slip surface to stand on.

Home care can provide seniors with security in the home

Your beloved senior may need more than one gadget to keep them safe in the kitchen. Angels caregivers can serve as a watchful eye and extra hands to help with shopping, cooking and meal prep.

The safety of seniors is our primary concern at Visiting Angels. Your local care agency can protect your loved one and give you peace of mind. Our care providers carefully tailor services to address any specific safety concerns and challenges. Call 800-365-4189 for more information.

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