14 Favorite Kitchen and Bath Designs From KBIS 2024

The 11th edition of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas last week was buzzing with excitement, with over 600 exhibitors showcasing everything from tiles, bath tubs, and fixtures alongside every conceivable kitchen appliance known to humankind. The show stretched across a total of 450,000 square feet of exhibition halls with bright colors, induction technology, and sustainability as an extension of luxury. We can’t say we saw everything – but we sure tried – walking literal miles in search of the most inspiring and innovative kitchen and bath products coming this year. The following were earmarked as some of our favorites from KBIS 2024:


Terrazzo’s immense popularity and ubiquity in home furnishings, wall treatments, and surfaces continues, but Kast’s nice new spin on the speckled composite material caught our eye. Using terrazzo as an insert surface across their new Holm Collection, the flecks of umber, clay, and green operate as the inverted icing to their colorful trio of concrete basin sink cakes, and we’d definitely like more than a slice!

A sink with a concrete surface with terrazzo insert in a light green bathroom with tile zig-zag flooring


A clay colored concrete bathroom sink with terrazzo insert with a potted plant on the side and small soap dish. Sink faucet and dials are black and wall mounted on a light pink wall.


A display of different colored kitchen ventilation vent covers set next to a white potted plant


Germany-based Bora tempted hungry KBIS attendees with caveman-sized tomahawk steaks. Cooking across one of their numerous induction cooktops, the brand showcased the proficiency of their extractor’s ability to suck fumes into a filter-lined air inlet stationed on the cooking surface rather than positioned above. We can’t be alone liking the idea of a kitchen liberated from the bulky presence of a hood.

A person holding a BORA kitchen air extraction filter with small crowd of KBIS attendees standing around an induction cooktop with pot boiling nearby.


A wall mounted TOTO toilet in a bathroom featured at KBIS, staged attached to a marbled wall.


At nearly $22,000, this is probably as close as we’ll ever get to the iF and Red Dot award-winning TOTO NEOREST WX2, a self-cleaning, auto-flushing, air-deodorizing, heated seat throne fit – and priced – for a king.

A black faceted rectangular sink with a silver faucet featured at KBIS on a marble pedestal


The moody, fascinating, and faceted Karran Diamond SQS400 Quartz 28″ Bathroom Vessel Sink not only drew in countless show attendees to inspect its color-changing jeweled surface up close – almost all who compulsively traced their fingers across its silky matte surface –  but in doing so, proved how fingerprint-proof the faceted quartz composite is.

LG ironing board with white shirt on hangers behind it hung from a wood wall storage unit


Ironing boards hardly elicit a “WANT!” response, but maybe that’s because, until this year, we’ve never seen anything quite like the LG Styling Board. The all-in-one collapsible ironing board is outfitted with a near-industrial grade pressure of steam, a specification LG says is 5x more powerful than a conventional steamer. The Styling Board is admittedly large, but the lockable wheels make it effortlessly mobile while a vertical fold-up mode allows for easy storage – ironing out the kinks in removing wrinkles.

A white and black ironing board folded vertically for storage within a laundry room wood storage cabinet.


Tiered display of five concrete sinks in blue, orange, grey, yellow and cyan.


It took every bit of willpower not to climb into one of Concretti’s delightfully PEZ candy-colored, free-standing concrete tubs (each named after a Hawaiian island), including this new soaker featuring an inviting seat within its depths. All of Concretti’s vessels – including their IG-renown Bucket Sink Collection – are made from cement, sand, aggregate, and pigments sourced just outside of Las Vegas.

Two people standing next to large concrete bath tub with seating for one inside, with blue carpeting in the background and a large tropical plant in the foreground.


A wall display of 12 different tiles arrangements showing combinations of shapes and colors.


A small crowd was perpetually hovering around the Daltile booth, drawn by the kitchen and bath surface maker’s wall-mounted arrangements, inspiring numerous people to point and shoot the combinations for future personal reference – a literal inspiration board.

A close up of a glazed and textured color hexagonal tiles.


We like our wall tiles like our donuts: gently glazed. And similarly, we’re keen to Marazzi’s Rhyme and Reason hexagonal ceramic wall tiles for their random mix-and-match assortment of textures and five different colors.

A row of leather wrapped refrigerator doors displayed on a wall at the KBIS event, each door has a unique handle attached to its left side.


JennAir kept their newest Cuts Collection of luxe leather column refrigerator panels hidden in an invitation-only upstairs showcase, allowing small groups to “ooh” and “ahh” over Mystic up close – an opalescent azure green leather surface that confidently leans into the maximalist kitchen trend.

A close up of two refrigerator door handles featured at KBIS.


As impressed as we were with the super exclusive, leather-wrapped treatment (JennAir is making just 30 of the oceanic-inspired leather panels), it was the brand’s upcoming 30-inch SlimTech™ Insulation Column refrigerator that really piqued our interest. Instead of standard polyurethane foam, the appliance manufacturer is filling their fridge doors with a new proprietary highly porous powder blend for insulation, resulting in walls up to 66% thinner and 50% more energy efficient. The Mystic hue may have pleased the heart, but the SlimTech material innovation impressed our mind.

A latte-colored wall mounted toilet attached to a rust hued wall at KBIS.


It’s hard to pin down why Laufen’s ILBAGNOALESSI wall-hung rimless toilet in Caffè matt paired with a matching ceramic toilet roll holder made such a lasting impression, but we weren’t the only looky-loo that doubled back for a closer look at the gently bulbous bathroom designs of Stefano Giovannoni.

A kitchen sink featuring a see-through basin display revealing a compost system concept beneath. A large sign with a hand cupping soil and a small plant above the sink explains the circular composting process in 6 different steps.


This prototype from kitchen and bathroom fixtures brand Kraus is a non-functional concept at the moment, but if they successfully figure out how to combines a garbage disposal with a compost-material producing system, count us “waste not, want not” gardeners in.

A black and gold sphere ice making device set on a clear surface pedestal


It was elbow-to-elbow traffic within the Richard Anuszkiewicz-designed showcase where the celestially-themed Diamonds Are Created Under Pressure installation placed the Forge Heated Ice Press ice maker front and center. A few feet away, Anuszkiewicz’s multi-tiered arrangement of glass planes integrated Monogram’s gas recessed cooktop [below] as an artful element. Kudos to the Monogram team for taking the extra effort to exhibit their line of luxury kitchen appliances with a differentiating degree of panache.

A tiered clear shelf display with a gas cooktop installed on the 5th level of glass. Two men are standing to the right side alongside the display.


A tiered clear shelf display with a gas cooktop installed on the 5th level of glass


A green induction 48


Viking is one of those brands people often covet for their pro-grade features and reputation for professional cooking at home. What they’ve never been associated with is color… that is until 2024 with the launch of the Viking Color Collection featuring a palette of 20 new designer colors that pop!

Viking's new color palette, showcased at KBIS, is displayed on a blue wall.


A 3D printing machine creating a circular bathroom sink layer by layer


Last but not least: Kohler. The brand’s footprint at KBIS ran wide and deep with a 15,000-square-foot exhibition booth that flowed, showered, bubbled, and glowed in every corner. Innovative designs such as the Daniel Arsham inspired Rista 3D printed sink [below] definitely wowed us with its mesmerizing topographic intricacy.

An overhead of a white sink in a bathroom with a faucet, featured at KBIS.


Just look at the subtle colors and topographic texturing of the Rista 3D-printed sink. Based upon a concept designed in collaboration with Daniel Arsham, Kohler has fine tuned their blue skies design into a 3D-printed vitreous china sink that retains its art-like aesthetics, but is manufacturable at scale.

Close up of recycled material blue and white tile with graphic arch designs


But what most impressed us from Kohler fell under their more experimental efforts assuming the WasteLAB moniker. Transforming manufacturing waste into beautifully functional pieces for the home such as the Transcendence Collection by Kohler WasteLAB x Nada Debs [above] or the dark terrazzo WasteLAB Vox Bathroom Sink [below] made with 70% recycled materials, Kohler WasteLAB proves there are countless opportunities for innovation beyond style or even function.

A bathroom with a circular mirror and wall mounted fixtures above a recycled material manufactured sink with dark grey terrazzo finish.


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