2 RTI replies give completely different quantities in identical yr for septic tank cleansing in Delhi

New Delhi: The Right to Information (RTI) response received from RTI activist Vivek Pandey has put the Arvind Kejriwal-led government in Delhi in the dock. The RTI questioned the use of money on behalf of “Mukhyamantri Septic Tank Safai Yojana” in which the Kejriwal government gave separate answers on money in two different RTI and also revealed a mess of Rs 45 crore.

* RTI submitted to #DLJBD for information on Mukhyamantri Septic Tank Safai Yojna.
Two same RTIs but different answers.
Fund released in 19-20 = 5 cr.
In the last RTI – 50 Cr.
*Then what happened to rest 45 Cr. Rupee?#Delhi #RTI #AAP pic.twitter.com/0EUV3o8qHz

— Vivek pandey (@Vivekpandey21) December 18, 2021

In fact, the program was launched in November 2019 by the Delhi government in the name of sanitation worker safety and proper waste management. Accordingly, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) should use 80 trucks for cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks in the capital Delhi. In this regard, an RTI submitted on Friday (December 17, 2021) by RTI activist Vivek Pandey was answered by the DJB. Responding to the RTI, it was explained that the Delhi government had allocated Rs.50 crore for 2019-20 and Rs.110 crore for 2020-21. It should be noted that funds allocated by the government for the year 2019-20 were not used at all. At the same time, Kejriwal government spent Rs 113.35 crore for 2020-21 while the allocated amount was Rs 110 crore. Similarly, the same situation was observed for 2021-22, for these years Delhi government spent Rs. 4.96 crore even after no funds were allocated.

Previously, Vivek filed another RTI on February 24, 2021. The answer raised big questions about the intention of the Delhi government. In response to this RTI an allocation of funds was made in the amount of Rs. In December RTI the amount reached Rs 50 crore. Responses from both RTIs made it clear that the amount allocated was not used for public purposes. Vivek Pandey also questioned the disappearance of 45 crores.

He shared screenshots of the two RTIs and tweeted that “RTI has been submitted to #DLJBD seeking information on the Chief Minister’s septic tank cleaning program. There were two different answers in the same RTI. Funds released in 19-20 were 5 crores and 50 crores in the most recent RTI. What happened to Rs 45 crore?’ Speaking to the media, Pandey said that sewage pipes are not available in unauthorized colonies and therefore there is a great need for septic tanks in those areas, even after DJB got enough money, it failed to use them.

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