20 smart storage solutions for your kitchen

5. Use blank walls and introduce open shelving or spice racks on the bare walls and backsplash to maximize storage. Install a rail above the countertop to hang commonly used utensils.

6. If there are large gaps between two upper cabinet shelves, attach hanging baskets under the shelf to add an extra layer of storage and double the space.

7. Use the sides of the refrigerator to add a magnetic spice rack or magnetic storage rack to store essential items such as food wrappers, paper towels, and commonly used condiments, especially when the refrigerator is close to the kitchen countertop.

8. Add storage shelving to the sides of base cabinets that don’t end in an empty wall. They are best for hanging some kitchen utensils.

A magnetic knife holder on the wall is a smart way to store them

9. Flexible storage options can be achieved with a peg board and some hooks.

10. Hang a magnetic knife holder to store knives where they are easily accessible and won’t slip or fall off.

11. Add shelf risers on the countertop for organized storage.

12. Opt for an over-the-sink dish rack that comes with cutlery holders, knife holders, and baskets.

13. Introduce a utility cart with a compact footprint as it offers plenty of extra storage space.

14. A three-tier condiment and bottle organizer is perfect for compact kitchens. They are best for stacking commonly used spices, cooking oils, and other handy kitchen supplies.

15. A wall-mounted mug and glass holder makes them easy to access.

16. Opt for lid organizers, chopping board storage racks and attach them to the door catch.

17. Maximize the corner storage of L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens with carousel-style shelving that allows for easy access to all storage items.

Make your closet doors work hard by adding shelves to them

18. Install a pantry to store all of the kitchen’s dry ingredients. Note that pull-out pantry shelves or tall cabinets offer smart kitchen storage solutions.

19. Have a special closet with retractable shelves for storing all electronic devices.

20. Make your closet doors work hard by attaching shelves to the closet shutters to store condiments, condiments, sauces, etc.

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