28th Plumbing Conference in India to be held at Pune

November 14: The 28th edition of Indian Plumbing Conference and Exhibition will be held in Pune on December 1-3, 2022. The theme of the conference is “Advance in Plumbing for Built Environment”. The Indian Plumbing Conference is the national conference of the plumbing community organized by the Indian Plumbing Association in various cities across the country.

It is a three day conference being held at Deccan College Grounds, Pune after a fifteen year hiatus in Pune.

Why is the conference taking place? What is the need?

Plumbing is a science and plumbing not only accounts for 13% to 15% of a building’s structural cost, but is also a very important service as there are only two lifelines in a building: plumbing and electrical. Sanitary is not only responsible for the water supply, but also disposes of your waste hygienically. In addition, we are all aware that 70% of communicable diseases are spread through poor sanitation.

On the contrary, there is a separation between the architect and the plumbing contractor, because when the plumbing consultant comes on board, the construction is already complete. We have encountered many problems installing correct plumbing systems on many job sites. Therefore, the entire construction industry, including builders, architects and project managers, needs to be aware of the importance of plumbing. IPA conferences aim to raise awareness of proper installation practices. The 28th Indian Sanitary Conference in Pune will feature a diverse array of speakers from across the sanitation and construction industries who will highlight advances in sanitation for the built environment. The United Nations have adopted the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. 5 of the 17 SDGs are directly related to sanitation. The conference is also a way to achieve these SDGs by focusing on key SDGs such as clean water and sanitation.

What will the conference include?

The conference will host knowledge sessions on water audit, BMS and IoT in sanitation applications, water reclamation and water sources, and how IoT is changing and driving cities to manage water. Case studies on achieving net zero water and waste are also presented. This national conference is expected to bring together experts from the plumbing, water and construction industries, delegates and construction professionals from around the world to teach and share knowledge on the latest products, installations and technologies for the benefit of members and the general public . IPA has a historic mission to bring about positive behavioral change in society to save future generations from serious water challenges.

Speaking on the initiative, Gurmit Singh Arora, National President of the Indian Plumbing Association said the event will draw attention to the emerging need to conserve water and will highlight how proper sanitation practices can play a significant role in this task . Since its inception in 2003, 26 such conferences and seminars have been successfully organized across the country. . The choice of location was strategically chosen as Pune is the most popular destination for emerging start-ups and educational centers and enjoys the position of an early riser in water and sanitation engineering. With the R&D centers of many companies based here, it hosts a number of loyalists and executives in this place.

The conference should be a must-attend event for building services and plumbing professionals, including students. There is a growing need to bring innovative plumbing technology and related products to the masses and the conference will address all of these aspects. The conference serves as a common platform for professionals in the plumbing and related sectors to exchange ideas and information on the latest products, installations and technologies through technical sessions and interactive panel discussions on key issues.

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