$3.9M For Elections Office, Real-Time Crime Map, Water: Cobb BOC

COBB COUNTY, GA – A new election office, water tariff increases, a real-time crime center for the police force, and the donation of an electric vehicle to the fire department were discussed at the Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners committee meeting last week.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. From January 1st, residents’ water bills are estimated to increase by an estimated 11 percent.

In a 4-1 vote last week, the Cobb commissioners approved the first water price hike in three years, raising water prices by 11 percent. Commissioner JoAnn Birrell has voted against the measure.

Judy Jones, director of Water System, said the average customer would see an estimated monthly price increase of about $ 5.43, from $ 49.42 to an average of $ 54.85. Water prices vary based on how much water each household uses.

Despite the increase, Jones said, Cobb residents will still have the lowest water rate compared to other locations in the greater Atlanta area, but Cobb city residents will continue to have an even lower rate as cities take on rainwater donations.

2. A new multimillion dollar electoral office is underway.

In a 3-2 vote, commissioners also approved the $ 3.9 million funding for a new polling office already underway at the former Mansour Center on Roswell Street. The county’s goal is to get the facility – which the county bought for $ 7.5 million last summer – ready for the November 2022 elections.

Commissioners JoAnn Birrell and Keli Gambrill voted against the measure. The two Republican commissioners said they had a problem paying the polling station with fund balances that were left over from the county in some sort of savings account.

Cobb Elections Director Janine Eveler said many of the conference center’s upgrades focus on elections and ballot security, the Marietta Daily Journal reported. Other changes include building security, parking lot modifications for improved traffic flow and network access.

3. The Cobb County Police Department gets a real-time crime center and video wall.

Approved agenda items included the purchase of a real-time crime center (RTCC) and video wall for the Cobb County Police Department’s crime center.

The RTCC will create a public-private collaboration that will improve the community’s police efforts, reduce crime, increase Cobb County’s safety and help protect first responders, CCPD chief Tim Cox and agency director Randy Crider said in city documents. It will provide a card-based interface that combines video streams from select public cameras and certain private cameras whose owners choose to participate.

“The RTCC also enables a large number of field sensor integrations and / or additions such as license plate recognition (LPR), shot sensors and new technological platforms. It will also provide a more versatile public camera register and portal for submitting tips within a joint operation. “Platform,” wrote Cox and Crider. “The RTCC increases security through public-private partnerships and accelerates and improves data-driven decision-making through integration various different technologies in one system. “

The video wall is estimated to cost around $ 266,000 while the real-time crime center for logistics, installation, and configuration is estimated to be $ 300,000, then another $ 299,000 per year for four more years.

4. An electric vehicle is donated to the Cobb County Fire Department.

The city of Acworth had an electric vehicle in excess – a Polaris Global Electric Motorcar from 2002 – that was no longer of use to the Acworth police force, according to city documents. The fully electric and battery-powered vehicle is available to the department completely free of charge, with no future costs.

The maintenance and repair costs are taken from the fire budget and requested in future budgets, according to the city documents. The car is valued at between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000.

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