3 people die while cleaning septic tanks which are killing people – News18 Telugu SEXI News

Breaking News: A series of accidents in Andhra Pradesh fills us with sadness. Recently three families in Sattenapally suffered a great tragedy. Three people died while cleaning the septic tank. When cleaning, all three fell into the tank itself. The dead Hill, Identified as Anil and Brahm. These three came to clean the septic tank at Newvinayaka Restaurant in Sattenapalli, Guntur District. While cleaning All three fell into the hole at the same time. In addition to the owner, two workers died in this accident. With the death of these three, tragedy struck three families. Based on the information provided by local residents, the police have taken up and investigated a case relating to the incident. The respective families have already been informed.

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First published:August 21, 2022, 12:36 PM IST

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