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4K Services acquired Nordyke Sanitation LLC two years ago and provides septic and pumping services in both Fremont and Custer counties. (Photo courtesy/Special to the Daily Record)

Cañon City-based 4K Services is indeed a family affair.

Patriarch and owner Dennis Kurfiss has worked hard to develop many facets of the company that he would like to pass on to his sons and daughters-in-law in the future.

One of those facets was the recently acquired Westcliffe-based Nordyke Sanitation LLC.

Although Kurfiss has been in the water/sewer installation and excavation business for more than 40 years, the purchase of Nordyke Sanitation opened the door to a different line of business – septic tank pumping.

Kurfiss spent several days working with the former owner of Nordyke Sanitation, Arthur Nordyke, more than 20 years ago and apparently made an impression.

“She [Arthur and Barb Nordyke] called me out of the blue and said, 'If you're interested, I want you to buy me out,'” Kurfiss said. “He said, 'I remember you and your work ethic and you do a lot'”

It didn't take long for the wastewater pumping service to be integrated into the larger 4K Services division, and Kurfiss is grateful to be able to provide his sons with another work opportunity.

4K Services was originally called J&J Boltups – named after Kurfiss and his wife Kerri and their two sons Jace and Josh.

The family moved from Ohio almost 23 years ago and since Kerri was never a man to stay still, he encouraged Kurfiss to start a business that eventually grew into the non-stop activity it is today. Eventually the company transitioned to 4K – as the original Kurfiss core consisted of four members.

“I'm always the risk taker… I knew I could do anything,” Kurfiss said. “We just do what we can and the best we can, and we get repeat customers.”

4K Services has overseen and completed large contracts in both Pueblo and Fremont Counties and also completes contracts west in Custer County.

However, they largely focus on residential projects in Cañon City, including repairing used systems, installing new systems and pumping various septic systems, which Kurffis says are quite productive and keep them endlessly busy.

The ability to pass on the ever-expanding 4K services to both his children and potentially his grandchildren in the future is an attractive option for Kurfiss, but for now he's content to keep his hands busy and Fremont County on all things sewage and wastewater problems.

To learn more about 4K Services, call Kurfiss at 719-251-0210, email [email protected] or visit www.4kservicescolorado.com.

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