5 Best Plumbers in Detroit, MI

Below is a list of the best and leading plumbers in Detroit. To help you find the best plumbers near you in Detroit, we have compiled our own list based on this review score list.

Detroit’s Best Plumbers:

Top rated plumbers in Detroit, MI:

  • Motor City plumbing and drainage – offers exceptional sanitary services
  • Mr. Poronga – strives to provide the best plumbing and drain cleaning services
  • Levine & Sons Plumbing – Louis Levine founded the company in 1927
  • Calhoun’s plumbing service – specializes in key plumbing services
  • Ben Washington & Sons Plumbing – Exceptional workmanship and unsurpassed customer service

Motor City plumbing and drainPlumber in Detroit

Motor City plumbing and drain is a family owned and operated plumbing company based in southeast Michigan. They are a full service plumbing company that is fully licensed and insured, with local master plumbers providing skilled plumbing solutions. Motor City Plumbing and Drain can meet all of your plumbing and sewage needs, whether residential or corporate.

They pride themselves on being quick, friendly, and clean. They don’t just deal with plumbing issues like leaky faucets and broken toilets. Motor City Plumbing & Drain offers exceptional plumbing services in Metro-Detroit as well as practical solutions for any plumbing scenario, such as: B. Plumbing repairs and replacements. You can rely on their services. They are reliable, clean and work hard to find the best solution within their plumbing services for your specific scenario.


Emergency plumbing, leak detection, plumber repairs, water heaters, sewers


Phone: 586-585-1862
Website: www.motorcityplumber.com


“I’ve used them several times and each time they solved my problem. I’ve had Mike at my home 2 times and Josh once. Both were absolutely professional, very knowledgeable, and thorough. They got it right and were completely honest with me about what they did and what was wrong. Try to save money by repairing instead of replacing when you can. They even answered any questions I had about other things that I didn’t need to fix but that made me wonder. I will always call her when I have a problem. Would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone ”

Mr. PorongaThe best plumbers in Detroit

Mr. Poronga was founded as a company and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the greater Detroit area. They are here to clear drains, clear clogged sewers, and give you the sewer repairs you need. Your sewer and drain cleaning experts can analyze your clogged drains every time and provide you with an upfront price to fix the problem in writing. The customer knows the prices before we start and there are no surprises.

Your sewer and drain cleaning professionals can analyze your clogged drains and provide you with a transparent price to fix in writing every time. Mr. Poronga Sewer & Drain is committed to providing the best in plumbing and drain cleaning services. Their principles and activities are always sincere and honest with their customers. You only provide the agreed services. Your plumbing crew is friendly and speaks softly, without profanity or sarcasm.


Residential, commercial


Address: 1211 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48209
Phone: 313-687-6905
Website: www.mrporonga.com


“Looked and acted very professionally. Great Job Done – Mainline Replacements in One Day! I watched and they documented everything. I will never have root problems again. Thank you so much Jason, you’ve been great ”- Michael H.

Levine & Sons plumbingPlumber Detroit

Levine & Sons plumbing Louis Levine founded the company in 1927. He laid the foundation for how Levine & Sons is run today according to its philosophy of providing customers with the red carpet for all of their plumbing needs. Louis’ belief in the golden rule of treating others how he would like to be treated led the company to provide clean, high quality, and prompt service at a reasonable price.

Louis’ son Tom started working for the company at the age of 16. In addition to teaching him the technical aspects of plumbing and HVAC operations, his father taught him the need to respect customers. Taking his father’s advice to heart, Tom began to practice exceptional customer service skills at a young age. Tom does not define success in terms of the number of new customers he supports, but rather in terms of the quality of service for existing customers.


Plumbing, sewerage, heating, cooling


Phone: 248-919-5782
Website: www.levineandsons.com


“I am really happy that we got in contact with these people! Every time I called the ladies in charge of scheduling were very patient and helpful and great too. Our service technician came on time, was communicative and competent. When the replacement disposal was not available on the truck, they had someone take care of it in no time. I have no complaints and will definitely keep an eye on this business for future installation needs. “

Calhoun’s plumbing serviceGood plumbers in Detroit

Calhoun’s plumbing service offers a variety of services in the field of plumbing and sewerage. Their qualified and licensed plumbers, contractors and builders are experts in plumbing repairs, sewer maintenance and sewer installation. Calhoun’s Plumbing specializes in essential plumbing services. You can repair, remodel, or upgrade any plumbing system in your home or business to make it quiet, healthy, and efficient.

They know plumbing issues need to be resolved quickly, which is why they have skilled workers across southeast Michigan to service a wide variety of locations. They are a full service plumbing company with highly skilled employees who can solve a wide range of problems, from leak detection to plumbing. Problems can get worse over time, so it is important to resolve the problem as quickly and competently as possible. Calhoun’s Plumbing strives to be a standard of excellence in plumbing contracting. Providing consumers with the highest quality, flawless plumbing system while working with people to deliver the greatest possible value to their customers.


Commercial, residential, medical


Address: 19933 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48221
Phone: 248-943-7385
Website: www.calhounsplumbing.com


“Calhoun does a great job at a fair price. They also know the neighborhoods in NW Detroit and the specific problems of the area. Worked with us through a major plumbing problem in an older home and stood behind her job to make sure everything was right, months later too. Highly recommended ”- Craig P.

Ben Washington & Sons plumbingOne of the best plumbers in Detroit

Ben Washington & Sons plumbing strives to remain the best mechanical contractor by providing leadership, quality, and innovation to its customers and communities. It is the mission of Ben Washington and Sons Plumbing, Inc. to forge, maintain and promote long-term partnership relationships with its customers. BWS, Inc. is a full-service mechanical engineering company with a $ 15 million bond capacity providing services such as plumbing, piping, HVAC, demolition, temperature control, and balancing.

They offer customer-oriented service and a high quality end product at a reasonable price. Their mission is not only to meet customer expectations, but also to exceed them. They offer full-service plumbing to a diverse group of customers who have relied on their high level of professionalism, exceptional workmanship and unrivaled customer service.


Sewer Repair and Replacement, Leak Detection, Water Jets and Softening, Commercial Repipes


Address: 7116 Tireman Ave, Detroit, MI 48204


“Everyone at Ben Washington & Sons that I have dealt with has been very professional. They really do offer great customer service at reasonable prices. We have hired her twice and will hire her again. Highly recommended “- Hans P.


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