5 Must-Have Ryobi Tools For Professional Plumbers

Sometimes the water isn't flowing into your sink or toilet because it's not a clog, but a frozen pipe. While it is dangerous to use an open flame on a frozen pipe, a heat gun is a viable alternative that could get the water moving again. The Ryobi heat gun doesn't produce a real flame, but heats enough to use on a pipe and potentially thaw it. It's not guaranteed to work, but it's worth a try and could be a real lifesaver in the winter. You can pick it up at Home Depot for $79. It's part of the ONE+ range, so it works like any other tool on the list with your other 18V Ryobi batteries.

The temperature reaches up to 875 degrees, so this little gun can put out a lot of heat without ever having to worry about damaging a pipe. Ryobi highlights the deflector nozzle, which is good for defrosting pipes. On Home Depot's website, user ratings are 4.1 out of five, based on over 580 reviews.

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