5 Things That Can Harm The Plumbing In Your House

Here comes the conflict of interest. While the presence of trees in your landscape is always a good idea, complications arise when the roots start getting down your pipes. Tree roots are water-seeking, so they will get to your pipes sooner or later, especially if they are planted near the sewage system. If your plumbing and water system seems slow or has foul odors, Flo by Moen says you may be dealing with roots in pipes.

According to Drain King Plumbers, tree roots can be disastrous to your entire plumbing, home, and entire landscape. Some of the problems could include a complete sewer clog and overflow, which could lead to septic tanks and sewage. It’s a no-brainer that this would cause foul smells; At worst, it could get into the city’s water system. But there is a solution, and there always is. Get a professional tree remover and plumber to remove the tree. In the same way you can chop down the tree and remove the stumps using the tips we shared earlier. Finally, a safe alternative is to plant dwarf trees instead of regular trees. Her roots are less wild and there are many beautiful options to choose from!

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