6 Upcoming Trends for Commercial Plumbing Contractors – 2024

Did you know? 130,348 plumbing companies are currently operating in the USA, and this is a huge industry $124.2 billion In the USA alone.

2023 was another profitable year for commercial plumbing companies.

As a commercial plumber, you know that you must overcome many challenges to be successful in this profession. However, it is VERY important to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and plumbing software so that you can offer your customers the best solutions available.

The more you know about what to expect in 2024 and the years ahead, the better you can future-proof your plumbing business, leverage available technology, and anticipate changes Customer expectations.

Below are some new plumbing industry trends and predictions that will impact the plumbing industry. Read on to learn how you can implement these and grow your business.

Consumers are increasingly placing value on environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, particularly when it comes to plumbing fixtures and systems. This trend extends to water treatment and conservation systems, landscape sprinkler systems, fire sprinklers and waste disposal systems and reflects a growing commitment to environmental stewardship.

Awareness of water consumption has also grown, and commercial companies are also looking for innovative approaches to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to water production environmentally friendly buildings.

This change is reflected in the increasing demand for tankless water heaters, which are known for their energy efficiency. Additionally, gray water recycling systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost and ease of installation, meeting consumers’ desire for sustainable alternatives.

The hype around smart plumbing fixtures in the United States is real, and not just because they make your home easier. These nifty faucets are popular because they are a great source of water and energy conservation. Popular smart plumbing fixtures include:

Voice activated faucets: Control faucets with your voice for cleanliness and ease.

Smart shower heads: Program water settings via voice commands for a customized experience.

Smart irrigation systems: Activate sprinklers based on weather forecasts and sensor data to minimize water consumption.

Leak detector: Monitor the flow of water through a pipeline. If the system detects a leak, it can automatically close a valve.

Smart toilets: Enjoy hands-free toilet operation with automatic opening, flushing and self-cleaning functions.

WiFi water filtration: Track filter status via the mobile app and remotely turn off the water in case of leaks.

The future looks bright for smart plumbing fixtures, with some impressive statistics.

  • By 2027, these smart devices are expected to be worth a whopping $6.6 billion PR Newswire.
  • The smart toilet market is expected to boom $12.9 billion by 2026, as reported by Contractor magazine.
  • Accordingly Grandview ResearchThe smart bathroom market is gearing up for significant growth, with an estimated annual growth of 10.25% from 2020 to 2027.

With smart devices, you can make your business operations smarter and try IndusTrack – software designed specifically for commercial plumbers. Do you want to know that it can work for you? Book your FREE consultation today.

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Despite the growth in the plumbing industry, the ongoing skills shortage poses a major challenge for construction companies looking to fill key positions.

The sanitation sector in particular felt the impact of widespread labor shortages across various industries in 2020 and 2021 and the impact is still present. As more plumbers approach retirement age, labor shortages are expected to continue to be a major challenge. Building a solid company culture is critical to attracting and retaining top talent.

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According to the Better business officeby 2024 the percentage of plumbers A proportion of almost 25% is expected among those over 55 years of age..

When everything is digital, customers expect the convenience of simple online payment solutions. The trend has since become increasingly popular Times of COVID-19.

By using modern yet user-friendly FSM software like IndusTrack, plumbing technicians can easily collect payments without having to deal with the hassles that come with messy paperwork. Use of Plumbing billing softwareyou can easily keep up with the trend by creating invoices on the spot and get paid as quickly as possible.

You already know that your reputation is your livelihood – and that isn’t going to change any time soon. What has changed, however, is the way consumers get to know your business.

Customer reviews have already become a dealbreaker, and the trend is increasing in the coming years. In 2024, people will no longer physically visit stores but will look online, learn about other people’s experiences and make a decision. So increase your positive reviews by asking satisfied customers to write a short comment about your professionalism.

In today’s environmentally conscious age, people are increasingly paying attention to the environmental impact of household appliances. And solar-powered water heaters are becoming increasingly popular. Choosing solar heaters is not only in line with environmentally friendly values, but also results in significant savings in heating costs and energy consumption.

To make this transition easier, consumers will need the expertise of a plumber for the initial installation.

Tip: You should list solar heater installation as a service on your website, as the US market is expected to grow at a similar rate 8.1 percent until 2025.

When a call comes in that a pipe is bursting or a leak is discovered, plumbers must do their best to handle these emergencies. This is where the best plumbing software is crucial.

The The #1 software for commercial plumbers is rich in features that can make you more profitable and save valuable time. Here are some of the key features to consider when choosing software for your business:

Business Dashboards: Get insights into your business at a glance, covering key metrics such as time spent on each job, service agreements, device usage and profitability.

Mobile technician app: Take control of your operations from anywhere by creating work orders and dispatching plumbers on the go via your mobile device, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Service agreements: Create contracts with just a few taps and let the software automatically create orders from them. Encourage repeat customers, customer loyalty and referrals.

Offers and invoices: Improve cash flow by minimizing unpaid invoices, speeding payment processing and obtaining online approvals for your commercial services business.

Do you want to save money and time? Arrange a personal consultation with IndusTrack today.

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