7 Bathroom Trends That Will Make a Splash in 2024

Whether you're tackling a complete bathroom renovation or just looking for ways to keep your space fresh for the year ahead, stay on trend with the latest bathroom design styles for 2024. Expect a combination of functionality and design with natural elements, earth tones and a focus on accessibility in the coming year.

Bathrooms are characterized by more attention to detail and sustainability than ever before. Nature-inspired elements will continue to predominate, although with a more saturated approach in 2024 than in previous years. “Many of the bathrooms we designed for completion in 2024 are full of deep earth tones and colors,” says Katie Labourdette-Martinez of Hearth Homes Interiors. “We love the juxtaposition of cream tiles and stone paired with deep earthy plaster and dark marble.”

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As for exactly what homeowners will consider when renovating bathrooms in 2024, Houzz senior editor Mitchell Parker says considering unique family needs, particularly aging family members, will be another key focus.

From sustainable elements to handcrafted faucets and fixtures, these are the most popular bathroom trends experts predict for 2024.

Timeless aesthetics

Courtesy of Hearth Homes Interiors / Public 311 Design

Consumers can expect to see an increase in the popularity of spaces that feel truly timeless. Parker attributes this trend to homeowners wanting to stay in their homes longer — perhaps well into retirement. “Designers on Houzz hear that homeowners want to achieve a timeless style with materials and features they won’t get bored of,” he explains. “Even modern homes incorporate elements such as brick, handcrafted clay tiles, rustic wood features and arches that convey a sense of quiet luxury.”

Parker says the focus on a more timeless aesthetic is also driving the popularity of sustainable design, with features such as water- and energy-efficient fixtures, LED bulbs and dimmers becoming increasingly important.

Handcrafted features

Courtesy of Hearth Homes Interiors / Public 311 Design

Parker says the trend toward personalized elements and bespoke, handcrafted features initially caught on at European design fairs but has made significant inroads with U.S. consumers. This trend towards handcrafted details and features is also closely linked to the growing popularity of timeless styles. “Pros at Houzz say this includes handcrafted tiles, custom bathroom vanities and other tailored elements that make the homeowner feel like they have something truly unique and special,” says Parker.

Wash basins made of warm wood

Courtesy of Hearth Home Interiors / Public 311 Design

Houzz's 2023 US Bathroom Trends Report found that wood is the most sought-after choice when modernizing a bathroom vanity. “While white remains the most popular color for countertops and walls, this preference for wood vanities comes with a greater move away from cool grays and bold whites toward warmer neutrals like beige, creamy off-white and rich brown. says Parker. With the wide range of wood tones on the market, it is suitable for almost any aesthetic, from coastal to traditional.

Attention to detail

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Labourdette-Martinez says she sees scallops popping up almost everywhere. “From barber chairs to furniture details, it is coming to market and we believe it will continue until 2024,” she says. Another detail that finds its way into the bathroom after playing a prominent role in living space design is grooved cabinets. “The aesthetic creates a thick, often rough, statement detail under island countertops, bathroom vanities and dining room tables, providing visual texture and interest,” says Parker.

Earth colors

Courtesy of Hearth Home Interiors / Public 311 Design

While natural materials continue to enjoy unprecedented popularity, nature-inspired colors and wall treatments are also gaining popularity and can enhance the calming aesthetic appeal of indoor and outdoor spaces. “Earth-toned paint colors, plaster colors and accent colors have been our favorites lately and we have incorporated them into our designs in 2023 and expect to do more of them through 2024,” says Labourdette-Martinez. When choosing earthy colors, undertones are more important than ever. To keep it interesting, look for hues that bring an unusual element to the table (e.g. an off-white with a subtle hint of apricot) for a fresh take on the earth tone trend.

Marble materials

Courtesy of Hearth Home Interiors / Public 311 Design

“Bold marble and natural stones have been a big bathroom trend through 2023, and we expect this will be no different in 2024,” says Labourdette-Martinez. “We're loving the deep reds and browns, bold veining, and black stone for bathrooms lately.” For those looking to keep their budget in mind, consider tiles, which can achieve a similar effect , or even smaller elements like a rattan stool, a natural rug or a wooden bench to provide a grounding, natural feel.

Aging in place features

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As more homeowners plan to stay in their homes longer, they are implementing features they will need later. “Half of homeowners addressing these needs are planning ahead for the future, and there is a growing interest in universal design that prioritizes beauty alongside function,” says Parker. “Manufacturers are supporting this trend by developing stylish, aging-in-place features.” That's why non-slip floors, rimless showers, wider doors, lower vanity heights, and grab bars are some design elements you'll see more of in 2024.

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