8-year-old drowns in septic tank in Nuh, his father and uncle die while trying to rescue child

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Gurugram: In a tragic incident reported from Haryana, three people died in a septic tank in Bichhor village, Nuh district. The incident happened on Tuesday.

First, an 8-year-old child fell into a septic tank and drowned. And to save the child, his father and uncle jumped into the tank to save the boy, but suffocated.

The deceased were identified as Ariz (8), his father Siraju (30) and uncle Salamu.

How tragedy struck

The tragedy happened when the child was playing on a 20-foot septic tank, which collapsed due to the child’s weight. The tank in the yard was covered with a makeshift lid without cementing.

Ariz fell into the tank while playing over it.

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Rescue attempts have gone awry

The family panicked when the child fell into the tank. His father and uncle immediately went into the tank to save the child but were suffocated. All three died in the tank after inhaling toxic gases.

Police said toxic gases accumulate in septic tanks over time due to human waste. It is not advisable to go into the tank without proper safety equipment.

Once the trio was in the tank, family members gathered around and began calling their names, but there was no response. The bodies were taken out of the tank after an hour.

The tragedy struck the family two days after the wedding of two of the family’s daughters.

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