85 Gorgeous Bathroom Ideas That Will Spark a Beeline to the Loo

Our most private spaces are the ones we often neglect, and bathrooms are at the top of that list. Here, we often banish the sad old towels we got at TJ Maxx a decade ago, hang the worst of our art over the toilet, and put an inconspicuous wastebasket in the corner. But if you think about it, bathrooms are actually the rooms we undoubtedly use every day of our lives. So why not make sure they’re a place you actually want to be?

For inspiration, we looked at the ELLE DECOR archives. Every home we feature offers us bathrooms we never thought we’d see, be it a lavish bathroom in a Renaissance castle or a small powder room in a family home. Sometimes the secret to a very special room lies in reducing it to its essentials. And sometimes a small bathroom is the perfect opportunity to try out that crazy wallpaper you love but don’t feel like wearing. Whatever your mood, you’re sure to find a starting point in the 85 ideas we’ve outlined below. Enjoy!

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