9 Popular Bathroom Styles for Your Home

Art Deco glamour

The excess of the 1920s is back in the form of the Great Gatsby style, a direct contrast to the minimalism of recent years. According to Kropovinsky, Art Deco glam is characterized by dramatic geometric patterns, vibrant colors and glamorous luxury.

Metallic tones, bold color palettes, foil wallpaper, intricate designs, glossy finishes: Art Deco is afraid of nothing.


  • Kropovinsky calls it an “intelligent and articulate” style.
  • A new perspective on maximalism after so many years of silence.
  • A small bathroom is an easy place to enjoy over-the-top glamor without getting boring.


  • It's also easy to overdo it.
  • Surfaces can be fragile and difficult to clean.
  • Narrow down your options and focus on a few elements or risk an overwhelming footprint.

About the experts

Lindsay Boudreaux designs high-end homes in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area with her company Shotgun Double Interior Design. It is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

Artem Kropovinski, an award-winning interior designer, founded New York-based Arsight. The studio's work has been featured in The New York Times and other media outlets.

Ariana Lovato is the owner and principal designer of California-based Honeycomb Home Design. She is also a real estate agent and founded Honeycomb Gives Back, a nonprofit that renovates rooms for children with special needs.

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