A New Kind of Heat Vision: This Inspection Camera Puts Eyes Inside of High-Temperature Industrial Equipment

The Flow Scope Hi-T

Ash deposits with large particles on a catalytic converter

Ash deposits with large particles on a catalytic converter

The Flow-Scope Hi-T inspection camera offers HD video and uses an additional cooling air system to enable video inspections in high-temperature duct systems

Flow Scope is a great asset in our testing toolbox as it provides us with valuable information about how our customers’ systems are running online.”

– Matt Gentry

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, Sept. 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Airflow Sciences Equipment, a flow test equipment company, has announced the launch of a new air-cooled inspection camera capable of withstanding high-heat environments. The Flow-Scope Hi-T provides insight into an industrial process without having to wait for downtime and allows for broader detection of problems, particularly those that go unnoticed when equipment is offline.

Flow-Scope Hi-T is a robust inspection probe and viewing system with a high-resolution video camera and integrated LED lighting. The additional air cooling technology equips the camera for high-temperature inspections in process gas streams of up to 750 °F. Customers can customize the length of the probe, from 4ft to 20ft, which allows visualization of the farthest channel locations. The system runs conveniently from a standard 120 VAC outlet.

Without a flow scope, the inspection capabilities for today’s industry are quite limited and are typically performed during downtime. Plant managers tend to schedule downtime as infrequently as possible, as every day of downtime means lost production and lost profits. Offline time is convenient for visual inspections or maintenance tasks, but waiting months for an investigation when process problems or failures are occurring right now is problematic. Because Flow-Scope is an online diagnostic tool, you don’t have to wait. Inspections can be performed as often as needed, and that means earlier detection of costly equipment deterioration such as erosion or structural wear.

Flow-Scope not only allows for more frequent inspections, but also provides more reliable information, especially since the process equipment is up and running. Some process problems cannot be observed when the equipment is shut down. A downtime probe has an extremely limited scope; Air does not flow through ducts, nozzles do not spray, and fan blades stand still. Flow-Scope, on the other hand, records the actual, internal process conditions both in real time and in high resolution. Matt Gentry, Senior Engineer at Airflow Sciences, says, “Flow Scope is a major asset in our testing toolbox, providing us with valuable information about how our customers’ systems are operating online.”

Even though most industrial processes are heavily monitored today, visual inspection still plays a crucial role in process integrity. Many industries benefit from online video inspection. In particular, Airflow Sciences has seen its valuable contribution to the energy industry in the inspection of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems and Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs). In these processes, the flow oscilloscope is able to detect ash build-up, funnel washout, and screen clogging that monitoring equipment cannot detect. The food industry, chemical plants and refineries also benefit from online inspection. Flow Scope can be used in any duct or chimney where there is a 2 inch port access.

Scope of delivery of the Flow-Scope Hi-T:
– A robust, weatherproof housing
– User interface
– 10 inch screen
– 4′-20′ probe with HD camera and 2 adjustable LED lights
– umbilical probe
– Cooling air fan (access to factory air is not required)
– USB stick for video recording

By looking inside industrial plants, today’s process managers can make informed decisions about operating parameters and plant infrastructure while minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity.

To learn more about the Flow-Scope Hi-T, visit https://www.airflowsciencesequipment.com/flow-scope-hi-t/

About Airflow Sciences gear
Airflow Sciences Equipment designs custom test systems that are highly accurate yet easy to use. The company specializes in test equipment and integration systems for velocity, temperature, pressure, particle sample and carbon tube testing, including calibration services performed in an on-site wind tunnel. In addition to the Flow-Scope inspection system, the company also manufactures the 3DDAS, ACFM and MAP systems, which automate the measurement of flow rates in chimneys and ducts. Applications include HVAC, power, environmental protection, food processing, automotive, railroad and manufacturing. Rental equipment is also available for short-term needs.

To learn more about Flow-Scope Hi-T or to request a custom quote, contact Matt Gentry.

Matt Gentry
Airflow Sciences gear
+1 734-525-0300
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