A New Kitchen

Absolute confidence in the design Enhance classic surfaces, clear lines and timeless style in your kitchen with bright colors and unique tiles.

Dream House Dream Kitchens customers can rest assured that every aspect of their kitchen project will be expertly handled by a team.

Dream House Dream Kitchens has 35 years of experience designing, remodeling and building new kitchens for homeowners across the Midwest. Jerry Schmidt, Dream Team Sales Director, says their entire team of designers and builders make it a lot easier to create your perfect kitchen.

“It brings consistency and quality to the project – you have a team to work with throughout the process,” he says.

Dream House Dream Kitchens staff meet with clients at home to learn their wants and needs while looking at the space available. The design team then presents floor plans and colored 3D renderings of design options so clients can see what colors, tiles, fixtures and features will look like before starting work.

“Shortly after a project is completed, Schmidt advises his customers to stick to a classic and timeless overall design for important kitchen features, such as cupboards, to see what it will look like,” he says.

According to Schmidt, white kitchens remain a popular and timeless choice. They can add style and personality with a touch of color in areas such as tile backs or lighting fixtures. Schmidt said blue and green are particularly desirable right now.

“We also make bolder backsplashes with different tile shapes,” he says.

Schmidt advises his customers to stick to a classic and timeless overall design for key kitchen features such as cabinets and countertops to ensure that they will love the look of their kitchen for years to come.

Hardwood floors are still a sought-after kitchen choice, although luxury vinyl planks offer a permanent waterproof option at a lower price.

To get started with the cuisine you’ve always wanted, visit dream-kitchens.com.


Quality for every budget
With a lumber yard available, this brand offers everything you could want for a kitchen remodel.

Marling Lumber and HomeWorks has been in business since 1904 and is a family-run lumber yard and design center. All three locations offer kitchen design with top-quality products. “However, we have a large selection of products in many different price ranges for cabinets and countertops,” explains Theresa Braun, Design Manager at Marling, “because we try to help our customers get quality products that are suitable for every budget to realize your conversions or innovations. Construction dreams come true. “

As a lumber yard, Marling offers an added benefit that some customers may not expect. “We have a lot of resources at hand and professionals with a lot of knowledge,” says Braun. Additionally, with so many materials available, Marling can help with a variety of different projects, from window cladding to composite decking to kitchen furniture.

“Generally, we start at the beginning of the kitchen planning process,” says Braun, “we start appointments with a selection overview where customers can review the various options available and talk about what suits their style, budget and space.”

When it comes to kitchen trends, Marling has everything to design your ideal kitchen space. Popular trends at the moment are the mixing of materials such as wood structures, matt surfaces, color accents and black hardware and lights for visual contrasts. “Painted furniture is still popular, but customers are looking for warmer whites and grays and are introducing structural wood elements in the form of shelves, hoods, countertops and accessories. Heavily grained wood is becoming increasingly popular, while walnut continues to be popular, ”she says.

All Marling showrooms have extensive displays so customers can learn about these kitchen trends and more. There you can see the many different options along with 3D rendering to visualize how your kitchen spaces can change. “Of course, a lot of people want to see patterns and colors in person, but we can make virtual appointments to minimize personal interactions so customers feel confident in the design process,” says Braun.

Modern dark wooden cabinets in the kitchen


Time for a fresh start
CTW Abbey Carpet & Floor has everything you need to remodel your kitchen. “We are a one-stop shop. We can offer flooring, cabinets, countertops, back panels and insulation for all of these products, ”says Shelby Hubbard, interior designer at CTW. Additionally, the friendly staff at CTW can assist you in the seemingly daunting process of redesigning your kitchen for upcoming trends and better organizational functions.

“Because people are more at home, we’re seeing a trend in the kitchen towards warmer, more inviting tones. Many people will add warmer woods or unique paint colors to suit their style. Many customers also want their kitchen to be more multifunctional. We are seeing a trend towards a place in the kitchen to store the children’s school supplies or the laptop for work, ”she says.

Along with larger drawers and other organizational tools, CTW offers a new weathered finish for kitchen cabinets that feels more like natural, rough wood. “It’s something that can work well for islands to add a more rustic or lively touch,” says Hubbard. “It can’t be used on every type of wood, but it looks really good on hickory or oak – anything that has a grain.”

When you arrive at CTW’s showroom, expect to go through with designers. “Once we get a feel for what the client wants, we create a 3D visual rendering and go through each process step-by-step with the client.” To maximize your design experience, Hubbard suggests preparing in advance by They know what new equipment to expect as well as any specific changes they might want to make to your current layout.

“We’re happy to help our customers plan a new refrigerator that could be 3 inches larger than its predecessor. Or maybe we need to prepare new holes in your countertop because they contain a new soap dispenser or faucet. Knowing such small details can make all the difference and help your project run smoothly. “

Personalize the most popular room in your home
Even a small kitchen remodel can offer a huge ROI for your home. Anyone looking to buy a new home will appreciate a newly remodeled kitchen with modern upgrades and fresh colors. Upgrading your home is an easy way to add value, but if not planned properly, remodeling can be stressful. Here’s some advice to keep an upgrade as smooth as possible.

“Avoid big trends with big purchases. Do things that look great
Years and have a long lifespan. That way, you don’t have to make frequent updates and you can get the most value out of it when you choose to sell. ”- Nicole Lee, Consumer Lending Operations Manager, UW Credit Union

Let’s see what cooks
Visual enhancements such as appliances, cabinets, countertops, and lights can be a relatively simple and inexpensive way to add appeal to your kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are extremely popular and can add a modern, luxurious aesthetic to your kitchen. The first two appliances shoppers look for when entering a kitchen are the oven and refrigerator.

PLAN: Before diving headlong into a renovation project, do an assessment:
• What are your wants and needs?
• How soon do you want the look you want?
• What do you have to keep and what can be removed?
• How much money do you want to spend?
After answering these questions, you should have enough information to begin creating a budget.

• CONTRACTOR: After researching professionals in your area, you will receive estimates from various contractors. The quality of the work and the material can vary.
• APPROVALS: If local building codes require permits for your renovation project, it is important to secure these documents before beginning. Permits help keep you safe and make life easier for contractors.

DIY OR PROFESSIONAL: It is recommended that you consult a contractor about your kitchen renovation. When you have someone who is knowledgeable about plumbing, electrical and demolition work, the process will be smooth and safe.

HELOC: A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is the most popular option for financing a home renovation project. A HELOC takes advantage of the appraised value of your home and makes it easy for a lender to offer you a low interest rate.

Even a small kitchen remodel can add value to your home. With proper planning, budgeting, and research, you can avoid frustrating and costly mistakes. If your home could use an upgrade, consider speaking to a UW Credit Union loan partner.


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