A. O. Smith Unveils Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

AO Smith introduces the Emerge X air source heat pump water heaterAO Smith introduces the Emerge X air source heat pump water heater

A. O. Smith announced the launch of the Emerge X air source heat pump (HPWH) water heater. The Emerge

With its patented technology, the Emerge X HPWH optimizes heat transfer and minimizes emissions, making it both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. To make installation easier for contractors, no special equipment is required. The control box can be installed separately from the tanks and heat pump units, providing additional flexibility. Additionally, the user-friendly control panel makes it easy for the user to adjust settings and monitor performance. Additionally, it improves connectivity for facility managers, allowing them to integrate up to 64 heat pumps.

To ensure flexible installation, several Emerge X heat pumps can be connected together. Ensuring adequate hot water supply, built-in redundancy and capacity matching for larger commercial water heater needs. The unit's competitive footprint and modular design allows for versatile use in healthcare, fitness clubs, apartment buildings and other commercial buildings, and is compliant with recent regulations promoting high-efficiency heat pumps.

The Emerge unit is also one of the few commercial heat pumps on the market that operates efficiently even in subfreezing temperatures thanks to its reversible defrost cycle that minimizes defrost time and maximizes efficiency.

To further AO Smith's sustainability efforts, the Emerge X HPWH uses a low global warming potential refrigerant (R513A). In conjunction with a storage tank, the system works seamlessly, further optimizing system efficiency.

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