A plumbing issue at Lake Powell dam could mean big trouble for Western water | Arizona News

PAGE – Conservation groups are calling for changes to the management of Lake Powell, the country's second-largest reservoir, after damaged pipes within the dam were discovered that are holding it back.

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kAm{2<6 !@H6== :D @7E6? 56D4C:365 2D E96 r@=@C25@ #:G6C'D “D2G:?8D 244@F?E[” H96C6 E96 &AA6C q2D:? DE2E6D DE2D9 H2E6C E@ >2<6 DFC6 E96C6’D 2=H2JD 6?@F89 E@ >66E E96:C =682= C6BF:C6>6?E E@ D6?5 D@>6 5@H?DEC62>] %96?[ E96 {@H6C q2D:? DE@C6D E9@D6 H2E6C 56=:G6C:6D 😕 {2<6 |625[ :ED “4964<:?8 244@F?E]” {2<6 |625 :D E96 ?2E:@?’D =2C86DE C6D6CG@:C 2?5 9@=5D H2E6C E92E H:== 6G6?EF2==J 7=@H E@ 4:E:6D DF49 2D {2D '682D[ !9@6?:I 2?5 {@D p?86=6D[ 2D H6== 2D DAC2H=:?8 72C> 7:6=5D 😕 r2=:7@C?:2 2?5 pC:K@?2]k^Am

kAmr@?D6CG2E:@? 8C@FAD 92G6 4:E65 E96 =:>:E65 42A24:EJ @7 E96 @FE=6E H@C<6 !@H6== :D >2?2865]%96 C646?E 52>286[ E96J D2:5[ 4@F=5 >2<6 E96 @FE=6E H@C 7C@> {2<6 !@H6==]k^Am

kAm“x7 J@F =@D6 J@FC ;@3[ J@F 5@?’E 8@ @FE 2?5 3FJ J@FCD6=7 2? 6=23@C2E6 5:??6C[ ;FDE:7J:?8 :E 3J D2J:?8[ ‘x DE:== 92G6 >@?6J 😕 >J 4964<:?8 244@F?E[’” D2:5 +249 uC2?<6=[ 6I64FE:G6 5:C64E@C @7 E96 &E29 #:G6CD r@F?4:=] “*@F8@[ ‘(@H[ x =@DE >J :?4@>6] x 36EE6C =@@< 2E >J 6IA6?D6 3F586E 2?5 D66 :7 :E'D E:>6 E@ E:89E6? >J 36=E]' %96 r@=@C25@ #:G6C q2D:? 92D ?@E J6E =62C?65 E@ 5@ E92E]”k^Am

kAmx? C646?E J62CD[{2[{2[{2[{2<6 !@H6== 92D 32C6=J DE2J65 9:89 6?@F89 7@C H2E6C E@ A2DD E9C@F89 9J5C@A@H6C EFC3:?6D] %92E’D E96 C6DF=E @7 2 D96== 82>6 3Y H2E6C >2?286CD[ H9@ 92G6 D9F77=65 H2E6C :?E@ {2<6 !@H6== 7C@> FADEC62> C6D6CG@:CD @? 2? 6>6C86?4J 32D:D]k^Am

kAms2>286 E@ E96 @FE=6E H@C2==>@FE9 32DD E@ DH:> E9C@F89 E@ E96 @E96C D:56[ H96C6 E96J 42? 62E ?2E:G6 9F>A324< 49F3[ 2 DA64:6D AC@E64E65 3J E96 t?52?86C65 $A64:6D p4E]k^Am

kAm#646?E=J[ 7656C2= H2E6C >2?286CD C6=62D65 A=2?D E@ 96=A AC@E64E E9@D6 2EC:D< 49F3D] %9@D6 A=2?D A2CE:2==J 9:?86 @? E96 23:=:EJ E@ C6=62D6 4@=5 H2E6C E9C@F89 E96 C:G6C @FE=6E H@C286 E@ E96 C:G6C @FE=6E H@C

kAmu:I6D 7@C E96 7FEFC6k^Am

came%96 D6G6? DE2E6D E92E FD6 E96 r@=@C25@ #:G6C 2C6 4FCC6?E=J 42F89E 😕 2 DE2?5@77 23@FE 9@HE@ 4FE 324< @? H2E6C 56>2?5]%96J 2C6 4FCC6?E=J ?68@E:2E:?8 2 ?6H D6E @7 CF=6D 7@C D92C:?8 E96 C:G6C[ 56D:8?65 E@ C6A=246 E96 4FCC6?E 8F:56=:?6D E92E 6IA:C6 😕 a_ae — 3FE 2C6 DEF4< 2E 2? :56@=@8:42= :>A2DD6]k^Am

kAm%92E ?6H D6E @7 CF=6D 4@F=5 E96@C6E:42==J :?EC@5F46 2 =@?8E6C> A=2? 7@C >2?28:?8 E96 (6DE'D >2;@C C6D6CG@:CD DFDE2:?23=J[ 2==@H:?8 H2E6C >2?286CD E@ >@G6 @? 7C@> 2 A2E49H@C< @7 6>6C86?4J >62DFC6D E92E 92G6 @?=J E6>A@C2C:=J DE2G65 @77 AC@3=6>D 2E v=6? r2?J@? s2>]k^Am

kAmq2=<6?[ H:E9 E96 ?@?AC@7:E v=6? r2?J@? x?DE:EFE6[ D2:5 A@=:4J>2<6CD D9@F=5 4@?D:56C >2;@C 492?86D E@ 9@H E96 52> 😀 @A6C2E65]k^Am

kAm“x7 H6'C6 8@:?8 E@ FA52E6 E9:DC:G6C DJDE6> E@ 36 4=:>2E6 C6D:=:6?E[ 2?5 :7 H6’C6 8@:?8 E@ FA8C256 @FC :?7C2DECF4EFC6 E@ 562= H:E9 H92E 4=:>2E6 492?86 😀 92?5:?8 FD[ H6 C62==J 92G6 E@ E2<6 2 92C5 =@@< 2E 3JA2DD:?8 v=6? r2?J@? s2>[” q2=<6? D2:5]k^Am

kAmx? |2C49[ &AA6C q2D:? 2?5 {@H6C q2D:? DE2E6D 6249 C6=62D65 4@>A6E:?8 A=2?D 7@C A@DEa_ae C:G6C >2?286>6?E] {2E6C 2 4@2=:E:@? @7 6?G:C@?>6?E2= ?@?AC@7:ED C6=62D65 E96:C @H?]p 8C@FA @7 EC:36D E92E FD6 E96 r@=@C25@ #:G6C 92D :DDF65 2 D6E @7 AC:?4:A=6D :E 9@A6D H:== 36 :?4@CA@C2E65 :?E@ 7FEFC6 H2E6C >2?286>6?E]k^Am

came%96 q:56? 25>:?:DEC2E:@? 😀 FC8:?8 DE2E6D E@ 7:?5 4@>AC@>:D6 367@C6 E96 6?5 @7 a_ac[ 😕 9@A6D @7 2G6CE:?8 4@>A=:42E:@?D E92E 4@F=5 36 3C@F89E @? 3J 2 492?86 😕 AC6D:56?E:2= 25>:?:DEC2E:@? 27E6C E96 }@G6>36C 6=64E:@?]k^Am


kAmk6>m%9:D DE@CJ 😀 A2CE @7 @?8@:?8 4@G6C286 @7 E96 r@=@C25@ #:G6C[ AC@5F465 3J z&}r 2?5 DFAA@CE65 3J E96 (2=E@? u2>:=J u@F?52E:@?] z&}r :DD@=6=J C6DA@?D:3=6 7@C :ED 65:E@C:2= 4@G6C286]k^6>mk^Am

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