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Fima Carlo Frattini De Soto Collection Sink Faucet S3651 CR

Really nice, luxurious bathroom faucets can help make you feel primitive and pampered every time.

HomeThangs.com – The Home Improvement Super Store is committed to delivering the right product to the consumer. Against this background, tips for shopping and home design as well as a special product selection are introduced.

Many things go into making a bathroom beautiful, but not everything has to be big. It can be a big mistake to be in the middle of a big remodel and forget about the little things. Sometimes the smallest changes can have a big impact on the overall look of the bathroom, whether it’s part of a major redesign or on its own. Bathroom faucets, for example – they’re small and easy to install, but probably the most common faucet in the entire bathroom. Really nice, luxurious bathroom faucets can help make you feel primitive and pampered every time – even without many other updates.

It can be difficult to find one-of-a-kind luxurious designs among the huge variety of bathroom faucets available in the market today. To help consumers satisfy their exclusive tastes and find the faucet they really like, HomeThangs.com has launched a selection of exceptional bathroom faucets for the highest quality bathroom areas.

1. The average toilet faucet is pretty simple in design – a handle or two and a nice straight spigot that shoots water straight down. But “just one tap” can become a unique, functional luxury item that not only looks good, but is also fun. For example, Fima Carlo Frattini’s Brick Chic S3631 / 5 faucet – it has all the basic parts, a handle and a spigot, but is a wall-mounted faucet – unusual for bathroom faucets – and designed more like a tub filler than a faucet. Instead of a regular spigot, it has a waterfall faucet that allows water to naturally fall from the edge into the sink for a completely different look.

2. An even more typical waterfall-style faucet like Roman Soler’s Kuatro Cascade adds something unexpected to a modern bathroom area. The water flow is more natural, and the open trough spigot allows you to enjoy the beautiful movement of the water, which makes this piece much more than just functional. The natural water in contrast to the highly geometric chrome design of the faucet itself makes it a perfect accent for a simple, stylish, modern bathroom.

3. Of course, making water flow a unique and integral part of luxury bathroom fittings is not just waterfall faucets. In fact, a simple change in the shape of the water flow (in the case of Ramon Soler’s Arola faucet, with a thin rectangular opening instead of a circular one) completely changes the aesthetics of the faucet. The traditional faucet handle is replaced by a small rotating belt just below the spout to adjust the flow and temperature of the water. This not only creates a slim, slender shape, but is also great for a neat, modern aesthetic.

4. Some luxury bathroom faucets are considered a luxury because of their sleek and simple design. For example, the Graff Tango faucet is a cool reinterpretation of the average bathroom faucet. Instead of sitting near the counter, this faucet is quite large – big enough to comfortably accommodate a sink – and instead of merging the hot and cold inlet lines into a single inlet at the base, they run independently to just feed on tap the counter to mingle. This results in a unique, leggy looking bathroom faucet that is completely out of the norm.

5. Sometimes the simplest designs are the most beautiful. The Graff Eco faucet, for example, is little more than a sleek chrome cylinder bent at a sharp angle, but the unexpected minimalism is absolutely eye-catching. Even in a bathroom that isn’t particularly modern, that faucet is an outstanding focal point just because it has nothing to do with your average bathroom faucet. In addition, the futuristic-looking joystick handle creates a unique finish as well as an innovative user experience.

6. There are also luxurious bathroom faucets with a real vintage flair and detail. For example, Herbeau’s Pompadour Faucet, which looks like it came straight from Hearse Castle. Because nothing quiet says luxury like having a Louis XV-inspired dragon rooster in the bathroom.

7. Vintage-inspired and authentic vintage bathroom faucets are a great way to add a unique flair to bathrooms that are not particularly modern in their aesthetics. Something like the wood-accented, vintage-inspired fountain house faucet from Whitehaus gives the spades rustic charm for exactly the opposite reason of most other faucets. Rather than being eye catching for being minimal and angular, this faucet and others who like it are beautiful for their faithful reproduction of the more lavish, intricate, and detailed styles of yesteryear. Vintage bathroom fittings can make a huge contribution to luxury and authenticity, especially in an older home.

8. Sometimes it’s the little things of the little things that can cause the warm blurring when used. The Brick Faucet Collection by Fima Carlo Frattini is one of the modern high-end bathroom fittings with a slim geometric shape and a shimmering chrome surface. However, the sister Brick Chic collection contains a small rectangle made of tiny Swarovski crystals. It is the smallest detail, but one that gives a refined, luxurious finish not only to the bathroom fittings, but also to the entire bathroom.

Not just a hardware store, HomeThangs.com also offers expert design tips and a comprehensive buying guide that takes the ideas of professional interior designers and tips consumers on how to choose the products that best suit their needs.

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