Ageing water main pipe at Corfe Castle to be replaced

The pipe has burst ten times in the last 25 years

Author: Trevor Bevins, Reporter for Local DemocracyPublished 3 hours ago
Last updated 3 hours ago

Plans to replace an aging water main at Corfe Castle are at an advanced stage, according to Wessex Water.

A cast iron pipe running from the village’s east booster site along the B3351 Studland road will be replaced by a 315mm water main running parallel to the road and offset by 5 to 10 meters in fields for 1,375 metres .

The works also include the construction of a 40 by 40 meter site in an off-road field.

Wessex Water says the existing 10-inch main is badly corroded and has suffered a number of ruptures, ten over the past 25 years, including a major one in February 2019. The riddled main is also the cause of discolored water for the Households in the area now and then.

Work on the replacement main is expected to begin in July this year and take about five months, with the company saying it will not significantly impact any site of conservation interest, although seven sections of the hedge are between 5 and 10m long and total 40m , must be removed to gain access to the workspaces. All will be restored after the work is completed.

One of these is adjacent to the local wildlife reserve, Thrashers Lane, which is managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust, with specific measures agreed with the Trust to restore the area. This involves removing the turf and top layer, storing it until the work is complete and then reinserting it to preserve the original flora.

All work affecting the road, if it cannot be avoided, will only be carried out after the main summer holiday period.

A Wessex Water spokesman said:

“This is a major project to repair a cast iron water main which has ruptured regularly over the past ten years and is no longer fit for the current demands.

“The work is expected to take about five months. The existing mainline is entirely within the road, but considering the impact that replacing it would cause at its current location, we have redesigned the project so that all but 330 meters of the new mainline will be relocated to adjacent spans.

“We continue to work closely with Dorset Council to finalize the timetable for the on-road element of the programme, which will take place after the holiday period.

“Once these details of the program are finalized we will release them to ensure local residents and road users are fully informed before the project begins.”

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