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Hyderabad: Telangana’s state-run Pollution Control Board (PCB) has admitted before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) that sewage is being discharged into the Mir Alam Tank next to the Nehru Zoological Park.
PCB has reported in NGT, South Bench on a petition by activist Lubna Sarwath to restore and conserve Lake Bum Rukn Ud Dowla. Mir Alam Tank is located near the lake.
Irrigation and command area development has provided fencing for the existing body of water. However, fences have been erected within the Full Tank Level (FTL) within Lake Bum Rukn Ud Dowla.
“The Irrigation Department has reported that no further fences could be completed due to a stay order from the Supreme Court. There are no feeder canals into the lake and no sewage discharge points into Bum Rukn Ud Dowla Lake. The lake’s hydraulic load is naturally maintained by rainfall. Rasheed Colony, Kings Colony and Raghavendra Colony are nearby and approximately 0.5 million liters per day (MLD) of wastewater was generated. Currently, GHMC has laid a diversion channel and the sewage entering Bum Rukn Ud Dowla Lake will be diverted to Mir Alam Tank (STP) wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 10 MLD,” PCB said.
“The treatment plant already receives 9.3 to 9.8 MLD wastewater from the surrounding area and can hardly be loaded anymore. Therefore, wastewater diverted from Bum Rukn Ud Dowla Lake is sometimes discharged into Mir Alam Tank without treatment. Another STP of 11.5 MLD will be sanctioned by the government to deal with further wastewater loads from the surrounding areas,” he added.
Two previously relocated private septic tanks still existed within the FTL boundary of the lake. Although not currently in use, these septic tanks were filled with sewage. The board has directed GHMC to dispose of wastewater for treatment. The board later ordered the tanks to be dismantled as well.
“GHMC has removed construction and demolition (C&D) waste that used to go to landfill. The Citizens’ Authority has installed four CCTV cameras to monitor the illegal dumping of construction and demolition waste,” she added.

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