An Expert Reveals When It’s Time To Replace Your Plumbing

Unpleasant odors could possibly be related to plumbing issues. Per Jake Romano: “Another important thing to watch out for is unpleasant smells. Sewer odors or musty smells may not mean anything, but they sometimes mean your pipes are damaged somewhere.” If the stench is coming from a drain, it may mean that the P-trap (the curved section of pipe that goes under the sink leads out) has dried out. Or maybe there is mold in the house, the air vents are clogged, or the garbage disposal needs cleaning.

To find the problem, Romano says, “A plumber may need to perform a smoke test on your plumbing system to locate a broken drain pipe so they can replace it.” The smoke is non-toxic, can cover large areas of plumbing, and is great for use on lines that are difficult to access. To detect cracks, leaks, or other defects in home plumbing, artificial smoke is forced through pipes, and once the weak spot is found, the damage can be repaired. When buying a home, hire a licensed plumber or certified home inspector to thoroughly inspect all plumbing. It could save your wallet thousands of dollars in the long run.

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