Anger at Southern Water not repairing pipes sooner in Lancing

An ANGRY resident has slammed a water utility for failing to repair all pipes in an area flooded by six burst pipes in less than a year.

Southern Water completed repairs in the West Beach area of ​​Lancing last year that involved installing and expanding a plastic liner in old pipes to prevent leaks.

The area suffered five different pipe bursts between October and December last year prior to repairs, but the water company has not completed its re-lining program to future-proof all pipes in the area.

The water company was “just days” away from working on the pipe that burst yesterday and a local resident has accused it of “tinkering” rather than “fixing the cause of the problem”.

The flooded street in Lancing yesterday

Nigel Sweet, who has been a resident of The Broadway, Lancing, for the past three years, said: “I can’t imagine we’re any further than we were last October. Work is ongoing in the area to repair damage sustained since last year’s floods.

“Southern Water must have spent incredible amounts of money on this, but for some reason they didn’t do the obvious and replaced the main pipe, which they admit they have to do.

“Why would you fiddle around with the fringe and spend big bucks on repairs instead of fixing the root cause of the problem. That’s what frustrates us.

Argus: Around 11 a.m. the water pipe brokeThe water pipe broke around 11 a.m

“I wasn’t surprised when I got home today because the problem is not yet fully resolved. There’s no new plumbing there, so it was an accident waiting to happen.

The pipe broke around 11am yesterday and Peter and his partner came back to see it flooding ‘curb to curb’.

He added: “We went shopping and came back to see it bubbling, just like before. It’s like deja vu. It’s the same kind of sheds flooding down the street.

“It’s actually on the West Way, looks like it’s coming out of multiple spots on the sidewalk and road at quite a speed. It’s like a little sewage well, if that’s not a too terrifying thought.”

The Argus: Sandbags in West Way, LancingSandbags in West Way, Lancing

A Southern Water spokeswoman said: “We sincerely apologize for the disruption caused by a burst sewer main in West Way, Lancing. Our customer team is already on site and we will do everything we can to support people.

“We fully understand the plight of local residents who have been hit again by flooding on their street.

“This is particularly frustrating as we were only days away from re-lining to future-proof the pipe.

The Argus: Workers in the West WayWest Way workers

“Our priority now is to stop the spill by using road tankers to pick up the flow of sewage – the tankers are doing vital work which means many surrounding households can continue to use their kitchens and bathrooms as usual.

“Once they are in place, the pumping stations feeding the line can be shut down and we can begin the cleanup.

“Traffic management will be set up on the A259 so that all this work can be carried out. This enables safe work without completely blocking the road. The A259 is a busy route and we also pity all road users who will be affected.”

Southern Water revealed to The Argus last week how it is tackling the troubles that arose in West Beach last year.

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