Are IKEA Faucets Any Good? What You Need To Know

IKEA offers a variety of bathroom and kitchen faucets starting at $25 and ending in the mid-$200 range. Many, if not all, faucets appear to be considered water and energy efficient, which would be a plus for most. Although this fact does not seem to be mentioned in any product description of the faucets, the main complaint from consumers online seems to be the fact that IKEA faucets do not use standard fittings or parts. This means that when installing or repairing your faucet, you will need to purchase any necessary fittings or replacement parts directly from the dealer to complete your plumbing project. If you're dealing with a leak, it can significantly increase repair time and potentially even lead to further water damage.

According to StarCraft Reviews, IKEA claims that replacement parts remain available for two years after discontinuation, but obtaining them often requires a lengthy warranty process. If you agree that your IKEA faucet may need to be replaced with a different brand faucet because waiting for a replacement part is taking too long, it may be worth giving it a try. Perhaps it's best to heed Dunbar Plumbing's advice: “The only guarantee I can give about cheap and basic faucets is to buy two of them at the same time so you have parts if they break.” , the company wrote (via Terry). love forums). Otherwise, a brand with higher parts availability might be worth a higher price.

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