Are Kitchen Faucets That Double As Beverage Dispensers Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

Purchasing such a high-tech faucet has some clear advantages – and it's not just about impressing your guests. For example, do you have a small kitchen with little countertop or wall space but love coffee and juice? DIY coffee bars at home can take up a lot of kitchen space, and adding a juice bar to the kitchen is sure to leave you with a crowded kitchen. So if you choose the practical modern drink dispenser tap instead of buying a coffee machine or juicer, you will save a lot of space and allow for a more open kitchen. This goes double for the special 2-in-1 model from Kraus.

Also, keep in mind that these tech-savvy coffee dispensing faucets are ideal for kitchens that already have a modern aesthetic. For example, if your kitchen has modern elements such as an elegant kitchen island, high-tech appliances and a stylish backsplash, a beverage faucet will fit perfectly. But don't get too excited about these seemingly magical faucets either, as there are some downsides you should think about beforehand.

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