Asbestos cement pipe replacements not on the cards yet in Bordeaux

After a series of burst water pipes in Bordeaux, the local district council has given the matter top priority, although it said the old asbestos-cement pipes are unlikely to be replaced any time soon.

Recently, the Garden Village retirement home was without water for two days when a pipe burst on Garden Road.

Ward 102 councilman David Potter blamed the state of aging infrastructure, where repairs to a burst in Bordeaux often led to bursts further down the pipeline. This is after telling the Randburg Sun that he is still awaiting a petition filed in July 2019 for water main repairs.

“Ward 102, which covers 16 square kilometers, has had water mains replaced in the Mill Hill suburbs, parts of Bryanston and Blairgowrie over the years,” Potter said.

“A water main replacement project is currently underway at Forbes Road, Blairgowrie. This project remains incomplete with many delays and full of challenges.”

The current asbestos cement in many of the older suburbs will remain for a number of years and continue to cause explosions, Potter added.

“Repairing water mains often results in damage to sidewalks and roads, which then requires necessary repairs. As of February this year, Joburg Water has appointed its own remediation companies and appears to have more control over the remediation process.

This was in reference to the Joburg Roads Agency, which was mostly closed from March 2020 to February 2022 and has 5,000 reinstatements backlogged, Potter said, although that doesn’t stop him from lobbying for infrastructure upgrades.

“The currently newly installed multi-party city executive team, led by Mayor Mpho Phalatse, is working tirelessly to transform the city, a task that may not be fully complete today or tomorrow, next week or next month, not even next year becomes . The reality is it will take years.”

Report problems in your area

Potter concluded by encouraging residents to report problems (not just burst water pipes) to the following email addresses and websites:

  • Report water outbreaks by email [email protected]
  • Record power outages and street lights on
  • Report potholes, road markings, damaged barriers, faulty traffic lights via email [email protected]
  • Report overflowing bins on public roads, broken, stolen or missing bins via email [email protected]
  • Report fallen trees, overflowing garbage cans in parks, branches that need trimming via email [email protected]

Potter also encouraged residents to follow town facilities on Twitter.

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