Aus J boosts sales efforts for its electric water heaters

Aus J Hot Water Solutions is expanding its international marketing efforts to capitalise on interest in its ‘clean, green, safe, and simple’ electric water heating technologies.

The Leichhardt, Sydney company’s Managing Director Jay King attended the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany, returning convinced his latest 12V/120V Gen 3 Duoetto electric water heater for RVs (pictured) can take on the world.

The new 10 litre (2.65 US gallon) Duoetto Gen 3 water heater is aimed at the North American and broader 12V DC/120V AC RV, caravan, camping, and marine, yacht, and powered boat markets.

King said: “In addition to traditional RV owners and builders who like the simplicity and safety of electric water heaters, there is a new generation of RV adventurers who like their travels to be clean and green.

“RV builders like the fact that they don’t have to plumb in a separate gas circuit, and the expanding number of families, single women and younger travellers are also very careful about what they leave behind in pristine environments.”

While the company also makes gas models, King said the show showed there was a new generation of RV adventurers who like their travels to be clean and green.

“After selling more than 30,000 of our product worldwide, Aus J is taking the next big step now by expanding international and local distribution of our expanding range of quality products, which are proven in use with OEM RV producers as well as individuals around the globe.

“We see vast ongoing potential in the RV market where we can forge relationships and partnerships with like-minded people who value quality existing product, plus ongoing technical innovation and our RV problem-solving services that we offered at Caravan Salon 2023.”

The German show attracted 254,000 visitors from 65 countries to see the displays of more than 750 exhibitors.

“Compared with my last visit more than 10 years ago, there was strong interest in not only electric RV technology, but also fully electrically driven RVs.

“You know the EV future is arriving when a major US company like Winnebago joins with a European innovator like Vöhringer to present the first fully electric prototype motorhome suitable for series production.”

Picture: Jay King

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