Aussie Cafe Challenges People To Finish ‘The Sink’ In 15 Minutes

A Melbourne cafe calls on diners with insatiable hunger and bottomless stomachs to take on their latest challenge.

Judging by the snapshots, the BBQ Kitchen Sink Challenge is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Third Wave Cafe in Albert Park posted the gigantic feast on their Instagram page, which apparently features a whole chicken, wings, fries, and more.

It is of course conveniently served in a sink.

Photo credit: Third Wave Cafe

If someone has enough play to face the stomach-exploding Smorgasbord with a friend and clear his dish (or rather his sink) within 15 minutes, he gets his meal for free.

The caption next to the picture of the huge meal reads: “Who thinks you can finish the BBQ KITCHEN SINK challenge in 15 minutes?”

They further explained that the BBQ Kitchen Sink Challenge includes a whole slow-smoked chicken, two smoked ribs of beef, twelve wings, three sliders, a bucket of coleslaw, mac and cheese, rotator fries, and pickles.

They also showed that the meal “weighs about 4kg to 5kg of food in total,” which makes our stomachs twitch just thinking about it.

The comment section has since been flooded with game food ready to face the meaty beast. A Facebook user tags a friend while teasing, “You like a challenge while eating. I would suggest no, but you couldn’t stop this.”

Others were more confident in their ability to take on the challenge and another tagged a partner while explaining, “Could be done easily”.

But that’s not the only monster food available in the cafe this month.

The restaurant also offers an equally impressive mountain of foods known as “Cheeseageddon Nachos”.

According to their website, the special is described as a “tower of corn chips with cascading cheese”.

“You get a huge board with a central corn chip tower surrounded by loaded nachos. The tower is made of corn chips, cheese, and pulled pork.

“Then more cheese with bacon floss is added to create a cascading effect on the table. The surrounding nachos are loaded with slow-smoked brisket, chicken, and cheese sauce.”

“Served with salsa, guac, sour cream and homemade hot sauce. Topped with oink balls and candy bacon. Enough for 2 to 3 people. Watch the cheese with bacon floss pouring down the tower.”

Which basically sounds like a delicious heart attack waiting to happen.

Both the BBQ Kitchen Sink Challenge and Cheeseageddon Nachos are only available for the month of April. So when you have enough play to take on both of them, get your hungry bum to the Third Way Cafe ASAP.

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