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Average Water Shutoff Valve Replacement Cost

It is relatively inexpensive to replace a main water shutoff valve in an emergency. The average cost to replace water shutoff valves is $285. The price depends on the quality of the valve, the additional tools needed, and whether or not you hire a plumber.

Water shutoff replacement cost

A main water shutoff valve is the valve that controls the flow of water to your home. Typically it is located near the meter, but it can also be anywhere in your home where there is a pipe coming out of the ground.

The cost of replacing the main water shutoff valve can vary depending on the type of valves used and the materials required. Because every project is unique, the cost of replacing a water shutoff valve varies.

By valve type

The type of valve can also affect the cost of having a professional perform this work. Some types are more difficult to install than others and require special tools or expertise. On average, most valves are similar in price and cost between $10 to $50.

By location

The location of the water valve in your home is one of the most important factors in determining the cost. Replacing easy-to-access valves takes less time than replacing hard-to-reach valves. Here are some examples of nationwide average costs by location:

  • Basement, cellar: $200
  • Earth water meter: $340
  • Safe or box: $475
  • Buried (shallow): $630
  • Buried deep): $720

By material

Most water main shutoff valves are made of brass because it is durable and cost effective. However, you can also find shut-off valves made of bronze or stainless steel. Bronze tends to be more durable and stainless steel can last longer under pressure and fluctuating temperatures. Here are some examples based on prices at major hardware stores:

  • Brass: $10 to $400
  • Bronze: $20 to $250
  • Stainless steel: $20 to $550

By replacement type

The water shut-off valve consists of many components. The total replacement cost may vary depending on the damaged part and the extent of work required. Here are some price estimates based on the replacement part (including labor):

  • Stop valve handle: $150 to $750
  • Tap replacement: $200 to $400
  • Replacing the shut-off valve: $200 to $1,000
  • Replacing the water pressure regulator: $250 to $1,000
  • Replacing the pipe section: $500 to $4,000

Labor cost to replace a main water shutoff valve

While the cost of the valve itself may be inexpensive, expect the cost to be around that $170 to $250 to replace a main water shut-off valve, taking into account labor and material costs. Most plumbers charge by the hour, and although the replacement only takes a small amount of time, many charge a minimum wage.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the current average cost of hiring a plumber is between $20 to $50 per hour. Some may charge a flat rate for this job.

Although hiring a licensed plumber is more expensive than doing the job yourself, it takes the guesswork out of finding the right materials and ensuring the valve is installed correctly. Some plumbers may also offer a warranty on materials and labor, giving you added peace of mind.

Main water shutoff valve replacement cost by problem

Many problems can arise when dealing with the main water shutoff valve. The most common problems include leaking or corroded valves. However, problems with water pressure, water discoloration or limescale deposits can increase the price. These are some average costs based on the type of problem:

  • Shut-off valve leaking: $575
  • Corroded shut-off valve: $625
  • Water pipe vibrates: $2,125
  • Low water pressure: $2,125
  • Discolored water: $2,150
  • Calcium buildup: $2,250

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Allow cost to replace a main water shutoff valve

In many cities, you will need a permit to do any work on your water main. You must obtain a permit before replacing your main water shutoff valve.

Depending on your location and budget $50 to $500 for approval. Most plumbers are familiar with local permit requirements and can provide you with a permit estimate.

3 Additional Costs to Consider When Replacing a Main Water Shutoff Valve

When we think about replacing a water shutoff valve, we often think about the price of the valve itself. However, there are additional costs to consider when replacing your main shutoff valve.


In some cases, trenching is required to reach the valve. The deeper you have to dig, the higher the price. The average cost of a trench is between $400 to $800 for 100 foot trench length. Depending on the terrain, you may be able to perform a trenchless water line replacement, which does not require digging. Average values ​​for trenchless water pipe replacement $75 to $150 per linear foot.


If you have your main water shutoff valve replaced in an emergency and need a professional on a holiday, weekend or overnight, you may be expected to pay additional emergency fees. According to Thumbtack, the nationwide cost of emergency plumbing services is between $130 to $221.


If your insurance covers your water main, you could recover up to $3,000 for repair or replacement. This can significantly reduce costs and even cover a new main water shutoff valve.

Do-it-yourself main water shutoff valve replacement vs. hiring a professional

It is possible to replace your water shutoff valve yourself, especially if you are an avid DIYer. In this case, you only need to factor in the cost of the valve and materials for installation. This is best done when the valve is in an easily accessible location.

The cost of replacing your shutoff valve yourself can range in between $10 to $50, depending on the materials you purchase. To replace a water shutoff valve you will need:

  • A new valve
  • A screwdriver
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A pipe wrench
  • Plumber's tape

If you feel uncomfortable while working or the valve is in a hard-to-reach place, it's best to hire a professional. When you work on the main water pipe, you run the risk of damaging the pipe. You can hire a professional plumber in your area to carry out the work $285 on average for a simple replacement. A professional plumber will ensure the valve is installed correctly.

To determine the average costs in this article, members of the editorial team surveyed a number of providers nationally and locally. All averages were accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change.

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