AZ Big Media 5 common summer plumbing issues in Arizona

The summer weather can cause many problems when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. More people home, monsoon rains and extreme heat are all factors that cause problems with your home plumbing. During my years in the valley with SAK Electrical Installation Inc I’ve seen these summertime plumbing issues pop up quite often. Here are five of the most common plumbing issues Arizona homeowners face during the summer months.

Clogged garbage disposal

Summertime is full of backyard barbecues, birthdays, and pool parties. In all of these events, a lot of dishes are wiped up in the garbage truck. Throwing too much food down the drain can cause clogs and stop garbage collection. Avoid certain foods like animal bones, melon peels, and oils that can damage garbage disposal. Read the Garbage Disposal Guide to learn what foods your disposal can handle. If your drain is clogged, never put your hand down the drain. Look under your sink, turn off the power for disposal and call a professional for inspection.

Sewer line fuses

During the monsoon season, there is a lot of rainfall in the districts of the valley. Rain soaks the soil and seeps into the sewer system through small cracks in drains and pipes. The water that enters the sewage system carries dirt and other debris with it, increasing the risk of clogging in sewer lines. Extreme rainfall can even loosen tree roots, causing them to expand and rupture pipes. During the monsoon season, pay extra attention to your drains. If you notice your drains are slowing down or not draining at all, it’s time to call a plumber.

sprinkler problems

Homeowners with grass in their yards will use their sprinkler systems constantly throughout the summer to keep the landscape green and lush. Sprinkler heads are common areas for debris and debris to accumulate, causing the sprinkler system to become clogged. Check your sprinkler heads at the beginning of summer and then once a month to make sure they are working properly. If you notice your sprinklers aren’t pumping out enough water, use a brush to clean the heads and rinse them with water. If the sprinklers are still not working properly, contact your local installer.

Washing machine clogged

If you have children, you know how many pieces of clothing they accumulate every week. In the summer, laundry accumulates even more as the kids are at home all day and get dirty playing outside. The more you use your washing machine, the more stress you put on it. Problems can arise from overuse. Clogs often occur due to extra use and the extra dirt getting down the washing machine drain pipe. If you notice your machine isn’t draining properly or not filling completely, it’s time to speak to a plumber to clean the pipes to and from your washing machine.

Clogged toilets

Another area that is particularly used in the summer with the children at home is the toilet. The toilet gets used a lot more throughout the day, so it’s more likely to clog. Avoid flushing baby wipes, large amounts of toilet paper, food and make sure the younger children don’t flush toys down the toilet. Clogged toilets are one of the easiest plumbing problems to fix. However, if the clog gets too bad, a plunger will stop working and you’ll have to call a professional to remove it.

In the summer, problems with the installation often arise. As more people are at home and extreme weather causes pipes to clog, sprinkler systems to fail and washing machines to fail due to overuse. By understanding the signs of these common installation problems, you can spot the problem before it becomes an expensive fix. Always consult a professional plumber before attempting any plumbing work yourself.

Author: Joe Hammer is the owner of SAK Electrical Installation Inc an East Valley plumbing company that has served the region with plumbing repair and installation services for more than 30 years.

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