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Sink Faucets

Sink and faucet as a single design unit

At the beginning of the 20th century, sink faucets with a mixer tap function were the most commonly used type around the world. Single-lever mixers were developed for the bathroom for even greater convenience. With these sink faucets you can adjust both the strength of the water flow as well as the water temperature using only a single lever.

Your bathroom isn’t just a functional room for your morning routine but also serves as your own personal feel-good oasis as well, so any old sink faucet won’t be the same as your water tap. There is a different faucet out there for every sink, every bathroom vanity unit and every taste. Everything in your bathroom should be laid out in line with your ideas and needs. Starting with largest elements down to the smallest details – like your bathroom faucet. The following is intended to serve as both orientation and inspiration.

The Types of Sink Faucets Available

Faucets can look very different from one to the next. On the one hand this comes down to functionality and on the other to the wide variety of design options. Sink faucets can also be different from a technical perspective, such as with regard to how the plumbing is connected. Duravit faucets generally come with a single connection (one tap hole) or with two tap holes. Our product range also includes concealed faucets and cold water taps.

• 1-hole tap: Single-lever mixer for sinks

• 2-hole tap: Faucet with a lever or turning handle

• 2-hole tap: One-hand mixer as an electric faucet

• Concealed faucet for sinks

• Pillar tap/cold water faucet

Below we’ll take a closer look at the different types of sink faucets.

1. Sink Faucets: Single-Lever Mixer in the Bathroom (1-Hole Faucet)

As the name implies, the tap on this faucet only has one lever. This lever is used to set both the intensity of the water flow as well as the water temperature. Operating them is usually quite intuitive. This makes it finding a comfortable water temperature quick and easy, potentially keeping water consumption low.

The selection of Duravit faucets also includes single-lever mixers. For sinks, these come in two different varieties: either with or without a lift rod set for pop-up stoppers. The lift rod opens and closes the pop-up stopper so you can keep the sink filled with water when desired. In other words, sink faucets with a lift rod allow you to plug the drain by pulling the handle up and thus keep the sink filled with water. Push-button stoppers can be ordered to serve this purpose in the case of faucets without a lift rod. For sinks without an overflow, a non-closable shaft valve should be installed in order to prevent accidental overflow.

On some of our Duravit taps you’ll also find our innovative FreshStart function. With this, only cold water flows in the middle position. No hot water is added until you deliberately move the handle to the left. This means that Duravit single-lever mixers use resources sparingly and are extremely energy-efficient. Other faucets include the MinusFlow function, which reduces water consumption from about 1.3 gpm down to less than 1 gpm (from 5.0 liters/minute down to 3.5).

2. Sink Faucets: Faucet With Lever or Turning Handle (2-Hole Tap)

With 2-hole faucets, the water outlet and the control element are separate from each other, so two tap holes are necessary. You use the control element to intuitively adjust the water temperature and the strength of the water flow. That’s all it takes for a comfortable water temperature and a set water intensity to flow from the tap.

Elegant D1 washbasin faucet with lever handle

Elegant D1 washbasin faucet with twist handle

3. Sink Faucets: Electric Faucet With Two Connections (2-Hole Tap)

The Duravit D.1e electronic faucet works as a tap without a lever and is designed as a 2-hole tap. In this case, one of the holes is for the tap and the other is for the control element. All you have to do is press the control element for water to flow out of the bathroom faucet. To stop the water flow, simply press the control button again.

The control element is also used to adjust the water temperature. All you have to do is turn the knob. This is made easy to see by the fact that the temperature display changes from a bright blue (cold) to a deep red (hot). You can choose between a faucet with a built-in power supply or with a plug-in power supply for this type of Duravit faucet.

Black D.1e faucet with temperature display

D1 electric washbasin faucet

4. Sink Faucets: Concealed Faucet for the Sink

With a concealed faucet, a concealed mixer is installed inside the wall to mix the water. The controls and the water spout itself, i.e. the faucet and mixer lever/knob, stick out horizontally from the wall. They are controlled using a lever or a press button – the choice is up to you.

Concealed washbasin mixer Tulum chrome

WhiteTulip concealed faucet

5. Sink Faucets: Pillar Taps/Cold Water Faucets

In addition to conventional hot/cold water faucets, our Duravit portfolio also includes pillar taps. Only cold water flows from this type of faucet since they are only connected to the cold water line. Since they are usually smaller, cold water faucets are suitable for small guest bathrooms or for restrooms in restaurants, offices or stores. You use the handle to turn the water on and off.

B2 pillar tap on handrinse basin

Duravit No.1 pillar tap on handrinse basin

Duravit faucets

Featuring the typical, original Duravit design, the faucets series can be harmoniously combined with all bathroom series.

Duravit faucets open

General Features of Duravit Faucets

Because Duravit focuses on innovation as a top priority, we design our bathroom faucets with advanced features.

Washbasin and faucet – Best Match

Use the Best Match configurator and find the perfect combination of faucet and washbasin for your personal dream bathroom.

Designs of Various Sink Faucets

When looking for the right water taps, it’s important to keep the shapes and characters of the rest of your bathroom design in mind when making your decision. Designs and styles are roughly divided into two different groups.

Zencha countertop washbasin in white

1. Round and rounded sink faucets:

These faucets have a rather soft effect and exude a certain lightness thanks to their round – or rounded – shape. Tip: Round bathroom faucets have an especially harmonious look in country-house bathrooms or in bathrooms decorated in a retro style.

Black Tulum faucet on washbasin

In principle, the straight lines of a square design can cut a fine figure in any bathroom. They fit in especially well in bathrooms with a clean and modern look. Tip: Faucets in black can also be a great way to add another modern and unusual accent to your bathroom design.

Sizes of Various Sink Faucets

There is a right-size faucet for every size of sink. In our product range, we offer a comprehensive selection of sizes from S to XL. The information below will help you determine which faucet size can best be combined with which sink:

D-Neo washbasin faucet chrome

These two sizes are especially good for smaller and classic sinks, such as hand sinks or built-in sinks. For small hand sinks we only recommend size S.

Black XL Tulum faucet with countertop basin

These faucets are best combined with countertop sinks. With these faucets, the water falls from a greater height than with lower faucets since the water spout is higher up. Countertop sinks, with their higher wash bowls, are designed to catch any splashes of water. Tall faucets are the only suitable solution here because of the height of the wash bowls. Faucet sizes L and XL are always placed behind or next to the bowl.

Are you looking for general inspiration for your bathroom? The Duravit bathroom planner can help you with your bathroom design. It will help you configure everything step by step, from bathroom size to bathroom furniture. Give it a try today!

It couldn’t be easier

creating your own dream bath

  1. Choose your type of plan
  2. Create your initial floor plan
  3. Add bathroom products
  4. Make your bathroom dreams become reality


Additional product ideas for your bathroom


Ideas for your bathroom

Discover the fascinating and versatile world of Duravit!


Plan your own dream bathroom

With the Duravit bathroom planner you can plan your dream bathroom online.


Let a professional realize it

Your specialist dealer will be pleased to plan all the details and connections and ensure that the work is carried out professionally.

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