Best Kitchen Faucets for 2024

While the design of the faucet will likely be an important factor in your decision on a kitchen faucet, the functionality of kitchen faucets depends on five main components:


Assuming you are buying a faucet for an existing sink, you first need to know how many holes are available for installation: one, two or three. Having up to three allows you to more or less choose which faucet you want, as extra holes can be easily plugged when not in use. However, you cannot install a faucet that requires more holes than your sink has. The number of handles on the faucet and whether there are additional features such as a separate sprayer, soap dispenser, or hot water filler require additional holes.

Moen faucet mounted in a sink with water splash.

There are a few important considerations to make before purchasing a new faucet.



Gooseneck Faucets are common, but even among them there are lower and higher arch options. You should measure your space to make sure you don't select anything that exceeds the height of the available faucets. Straight Faucets take up less space vertically and are generally less expensive, but leave less room in the basin for washing dishes or refilling pots.

To reach

Your faucet's ability to easily reach every corner of your sink also depends on how you want it to work. Pull-out taps are the most common and consist of a sprayer mounted on a hose that can be pulled down from the arched neck or left locked in the arm of the faucet when not in use. Pull-out taps are typically found on models with a lower profile, extend forward from the base rather than downward, and usually include a longer hose. Stationary outletslike those found in most straight neck models, often feature a separate spray attachment that mounts to the side of the sink.

Kohler gooseneck faucet Kohler gooseneck faucet

Kohler's professional faucet gives you more coverage than a standard model.

Charcoal burner


One-handed grip Faucets are the most common and contain only a handle for adjusting the water temperature. They are the easiest to install, but can be difficult to get the perfect temperature every time. Contactless or smart features, when available, are typically tailored to single-handle models. Double handle Faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water, allowing you to adjust the temperature more nuanced to your liking, creating a more old-fashioned or farmhouse look. Double handle faucets are difficult to install and require additional holes in the corresponding sink.

black kitchen faucet black kitchen faucet

The choice of faucet styles, colors and finishes is virtually endless.



Many faucets offer pristine or fingerprint-proof finishes, usually with a brushed metal look rather than a glossy look. Nickel, chrome, matt black and stainless steel are the most common finishes, with occasional bronze, gold and pewter as well.

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