Best Kitchen Hand Creams, According To Chefs

Frequent washing and disinfecting can leave your hands feeling dry, chapped, and chapped, and no one understands this battle better than cooks. “Chefs and restaurant staff are generally very tough on their skin – especially their hands,” explains cook Anna Bran, owner of the Taqueria del Barrio in Washington DC, beating every day. “

There are many hand lotions to choose from, but chefs tend to prefer products … [+] that are both super moisturizing and non-greasy and help soothe the skin without hindering the workflow.


Culinary professionals wash their hands frequently throughout the day – after all, cleanliness is essential when cooking – and so that their skin does not become unbearably dry, many have a bottle of their favorite hand cream close at hand in the kitchen. There are many hand lotions to choose from, but chefs tend to prefer products that are both super moisturizing and non-greasy, and help soothe the skin without hindering its workflow.

When you’re ready to have softer, smoother skin, the following hand creams are the best to keep in your kitchen (or bathroom or handbag) as recommended by hardworking chefs.

A lightly scented option that won’t leave you with greasy hands


Kiehl’s Since 1851 Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with aloe vera & oat flakes


“Having spent most of my cooking career on television, the health of my hands and their appearance is pretty important!” Says Emmy-nominated chef Nathan Lyon, who appeared on the second season of Food Network star. “I use Kiehl’s Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with aloe vera and oat flakes. It’s lightly scented and very moisturizing without my skin feeling greasy. It’s my go-to for everyday use and to keep my hands camera-ready! “

A budget-friendly option for extremely dry hands

If you’re looking for a hand cream that works, O’Keefe’s is a top pick with thousands of rave reviews. It also receives the chef’s seal of approval: “I have a can of O’Keefes ‘Working Hands’ hand cream in my office,” says chef Kristin Beringson of Henley in Nashville. “The chef’s hands are severely beaten in the kitchen from excessive hand washing, wearing gloves, and handling cardboard boxes. It nourishes, calms and soothes the daily roughness my hands endure. “

A classic moisturizer that doesn’t just work for your hands

“I wash my hands all the time, and even more so in the midst of this global pandemic,” says cook Holly Smith from Café Juanita. “I rely on Aveeno to restore my hands. In fact, I keep it next to the bed and also lather my feet with it. Sounds crazy, but it’s true! ”Ideal for your hands as well as the rest of your body, this popular product has a fragrance-free, non-greasy formula with oatmeal for hydration.

A popular hand cream that is intensely moisturizing


Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Body Cream, 2.5 Fl Oz


If the hands tend to crack in winter, head chef Carla Contreras recommends the popular Weleda Skin Food body cream as a preventive measure: “I really like to use it after I’ve finished work. It’s deeply nourishing and is also perfect to apply before bed. I use it all winter to prevent and treat cracked hands. ”The intensely moisturizing cream is made from extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile in a rich, thick base of oils and beeswax and is free of synthetic compounds or added chemicals.

An affordable find that offers hours of protection

Here’s the proof that a great hand cream doesn’t have to be expensive. Chef Diana Manalang at NYC’s Little Chef Little Café recommends Gold Bond Ultimate Intensive Healing Hand Cream as a budget-friendly product for dry skin. She says. “It penetrates quickly and offers hours of protection. It’s invigorating and not greasy at all. “

A grocery classic that’s rich and nutritious

The next time you stop at Trader Joe’s, get a tub of her body butter to keep in your kitchen. “I love Trader Joe’s coconut body butter,” says Chef Liv Vasquez, owner of LivvieSmalls Events. “It’s a thick moisturizer that I can apply a few times a day to keep my hands soft. Just make sure that you rinse it off thoroughly before reaching for knives. “

The ultimate powerful hand ointment with a moisturizing formula

“To protect and moisturize for a whole day, I only use Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve,” says cook Anna Bran, owner of the Taqueria del Barrio in Washington DC, protecting and repairing extremely dry hands.

A healing ointment that prevents your hands and cuticles from cracking

Julia Chebotar, a New York City-based private chef and former Food Network’s Chopped Champion, recommends Aquaphor Healing Ointment for moisturizing the skin: “It really helps keep my hands moist and cuticles from all of that flaking off Preserve hand washing and dish washing. “The ointment is preservative and fragrance free and can also be used as lip balm, foot cream and more.

An old school classic that dries quickly


Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion, Fragrance Free, 16.9 fl Oz


When you use lotion in the kitchen, you want a product that dries quickly so you can get back to work quickly: “I like Eucerin Advanced Repair because it’s effective and lightweight,” says chef Amy Riolo, author of The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet -Cookbook. “You can apply it and then go to work without waiting for it to dry or worrying about it leaving any residue. I have some in the kitchen, some on my bedside table, and some in my purse. “Yes, it’s that good.

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