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Wondering how to choose the right one? Don’t be discouraged if the large selection of stainless steel kitchen sinks seems overwhelming. It’s not an unusual feeling. You can narrow the field by considering the following factors before you start shopping.


How do you use your kitchen sink? Your sink can limit or expand the usability of your kitchen. Consider why you rely on your kitchen sink. Do you need a place to scrub large pots, pans or baking sheets? A large, wide, deep, industrial-style sink might be best for you.

A kitchen without a dishwasher may only need a small, easily accessible sink for washing everyday dishes. A kitchen that will be used for entertaining or feeding a large family will likely need the most versatile sink possible. Or maybe a multifunctional workstation isn’t important to you at all. An attractive sink that serves primarily as a design element may be more valuable in this case.

However, how you use your kitchen sink will determine what features you need to look for when you start looking for the perfect sink style. This will also determine which size sink is best. Before choosing a size, make sure the cabinet underneath is wide enough for the sink you’re considering.


How the sink is installed is the second most important factor when choosing a kitchen sink. Are you replacing an existing sink but reusing the countertop? Be sure to choose the same or a larger sink. You may also need to purchase the same type of installation, be it recessed, undermount or farmhouse style. You want to hide rough countertop edges.

If you are completely replacing your countertops or furniture, the choice of installation style is entirely up to you, as long as it is compatible with the type of countertops you are installing.

There is little difference in functionality between mounting types unless you require specialized kitchen appliances.

In rare cases, your mounting options may be limited by the height or position of the drain pipes.

Type of steel

If you want your kitchen sink to last, it is important to know what type of steel it is made of. Stainless steel sinks are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting when well cared for. When buying a stainless steel sink, you should also pay attention to the quality class. Grade 304 or 316 are considered the best grade for stainless steel sinks. This grade means that the steel is made of 18/8 stainless steel and contains at least 50% iron.

Quality vs. price

The best quality is not always the best choice for every buyer. There are three important factors to consider when it comes to stainless steel kitchen sinks: steel thickness, steel type and insulating properties.

  • Thicker is better when it comes to steel strength: A 16-gauge stainless steel sink is more durable than a 20-gauge sink. It is less likely to dent or deform if hit by a falling object.
  • The type of steel is also important for durability: However, the grade is more of an indicator of scratch and stain resistance. The best kitchen sinks are grade 304 or 316.
  • Insulating quality means the sink’s ability to reduce noise and vibration to a minimum: Higher quality sinks have higher insulation.

Ideally, we all want to buy the highest quality sink money can buy. However, higher quality generally means higher prices. Balance your need for high quality with your kitchen remodeling budget to find the best sink for you

substance and style

When it comes to the substance and style of your stainless steel sink, you don’t have to choose one or the other. Because a high-quality steel sink has the material and construction necessary to withstand all kinds of scratches, food residue, and more, it can withstand a lot and still look like new.

And even if you don’t like the look of an industrial kitchen, a stainless steel sink could still be a good choice. The metal can appear neutral in your cooking area and complement all types of interior styles and kitchen layouts.

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