Bethel Park plumbers rescue resident from Piney Fork Creek

A group of plumbers from Bethel Park began their working day on April 29 by rescuing a resident who had fallen in Piney Fork Creek.

“I was reading blueprints for a job we were doing,” said John Oakes, owner of All Pro Plumbing. “Everyone meets in the store around 8:30 in the morning. I was just looking out the window and saw the head of a man directly over the concrete bridge that runs under the flue that runs under the stream.”

Oakes said the creek was high at the time because of a lot of rain.

The area where the man was discovered was less than 100 yards from the store along Library Road.

Oakes said the man later told them he had a diabetic problem after getting off a bus and fell into the creek after being disoriented.

“The guy passed out,” Oakes said. “(We) grabbed him and held him by the side of the creek so that he would not be washed down. I ran and got a ladder from our store and threw it down the drain. You finally woke the guy up. (Our workers) grabbed his shoulders, drugged him on the ladder, and laid him on the sidewalk. “

EMS came and took the man to a hospital for an examination. He was later released.

“We’re glad he’s okay,” said Oakes. “Anyone would have done it and looked for a neighbor.”

The plumbers Jon Stapas and Clint Borgen assisted.

“I don’t feel like a hero,” he said. “People like to throw that out. I was just helping someone. “

The family gave the plumbers a thank you card and a subway gift card.

Oakes said he had been at Bethel Park for about two years and had never seen anyone stuck in the creek.

Michael DiVittorio is a contributor to Tribune Review. You can contact Michael at 412-871-2367, [email protected], or on Twitter.

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