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1. Well-Being in the Bathroom


In many homes, bathrooms are becoming less of a place for brushing teeth and washing hair and more of a place for relaxation and recharging.

“Having a place to relax and rejuvenate in your home is important,” says Yacavone. “There is such a strong connection between water and healing, so it makes sense that the bathroom can translate into a spa-like space.”

Homeowners are outfitting their bathrooms with spa-worthy accessories and many designers and brands are noticing. Recent trends include frameless, doorless steam showers, rain heads and built-in seating, according to a 2024 trend report by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). We’ve also noticed aromatherapy devices, heated floors and towel warmers to name a few comfortable upgrades.

And, as Caleb Anderson, co-founder of interior design firm Drake/Anderson, noted, it’s not just scented candles and sound machines that create a sense of calm and well-being in the bathroom: It’s an overall choice in design to create a tranquil vibe.

“Designing for ritual and well-being in the bathroom is becoming more prevalent,” says Anderson. “Curating small, even unexpected moments that support mindfulness are being layered into design. Aesthetics and function are always important but exploring how design can delight our senses and create calm is becoming more prevalent…Clients and consumers want a more personalized experience and that often involves a multi-sensory experience.”

If you’re still stumped on how to make your space more calming, Yacavone suggests taking a personal approach.

“Think about what makes you feel calm and relaxed,” Yacavone says. “Is it having a specialized showerhead or feeling connected to nature through natural materials and warm neutrals? The more calming the space, the more spa-like.”

2. Bidets


Bidets have been popular in many other countries for decades, but these devices are finally having their moment in the U.S. and major brands are taking note. While only 6% of Americans said they owned a bidet in a 2023 YouGov poll, many more said they were very interested (18%) or somewhat interested (23%) in adding one to their home in the future.

We’ve seen many significant players embrace and innovate on the bidet, from built-in models to attachments, so this luxury accessory can be within reach for more people than ever before. TOTO, a brand known as the manufacturer of the original luxury bidet seat in 1980, has long been in the bidet game but is one of the most prominent brands showcasing a line of bidets varying in features and price today.

Jarrett Oakley, TOTO’s director of marketing, noted some of the benefits of bidets that have many Americans opting to install them in their bathrooms: In addition to improved hygiene, bidets can be environmentally friendly, more comfortable for many and even help with increased accessibility for some, all features that we’ve seen in other popular home trends this year.

3. Warm Neutrals


One of the most significant shifts we’re seeing in the home industry right now is color palettes moving towards warmer, cozier tones, and bathroom design is no exception. Instead of stark whites, designers are incorporating more tans, off-whites, beiges and browns in these spaces.

“Warm tones add more interest and uniqueness to a space while maintaining a contemporary yet warm and inviting atmosphere,” says Claudia Afshar, international interior and product designer. “These hues evoke a sense of comfort and style. Additionally, warm tones can complement various design styles, offering versatility and flexibility.”

You can tackle this trend in a few ways: If you want to dip your toes into warmer tones, you can start with accessories such as shower curtains and artwork. But if your bathroom needs a cozier upgrade, you’re not alone: consider repainting with a softer color and swapping your fixtures (more on this in a second!).

“I think that neutrals will always be a part of design because they’re foundational and you can pair them with anything,” says interior designer Shea McGee. “But within the neutral genre… it kind of ebbs and flows between cool and warm, and right now we’re in a warm time… Now we’re going for the creams and these kinds of clay and putty colors. And I think that it just feels cozy. I think we just started craving that coziness.”

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4. Brass and Gold

Kohler X Studio McGee

As warmer neutrals are a huge color trend, it makes sense that warmer metals are also seeing a surge in use. Gold and brass fixtures are taking over bathrooms as color palettes shift from cold and impersonal to cozy and inviting.

“Although not a brand-new trend, brass is being featured more heavily, from light fixtures to other standout items around the home,” said Seth Hart, chair of the 2023 NAHB Best in American Living Awards judging panel and partner at DTJ Design, in a design trend report by the National Association of Home Builders.

Swapping out cabinet hardware can be an easy way to add warmer metals to your bathroom. To bring the whole room together, you may want to consider brass finishes for your sinks and shower heads, or you can take on another 2024 design trend: mixing metals.

5. Vintage Fixtures


Much like those low-waisted jeans you may still have tucked away in a bin in your attic, home trends have a way of coming back into style. Luckily, the vintage trends we see in the bathroom space are much more flattering. McGee noted that she’s been loving all of the vintage elements coming back into popularity, including in her collection with Kohler, proving that these elements have staying power and will continue to be beloved.

“I’ve always had a love for old themes and things that tell a story. And so I think that I’m really glad that it’s back because it’s very true to what I love,” she says. “I think that why it resonates is because people, on some level, they know that if it was cool that many years ago and it’s still resonating with you now that if they put it in their homes, it will resonate with them years from now.”

Among the vintage bathroom trends we’re seeing are pendant accents and ornate details on bathtubs and other fixtures. We’ve also seen lighting designed to evoke the look of candlesticks and vintage-inspired colors like teal greens, rosy pinks, brass and gold.

In fact, not only do these vintage trends pair well with the emergence of warmer-toned hardware, but they’re part of a general movement back towards warmth, charm and coziness rather than colder and less personal styles.

“I’m happy to see really sterile looks kind of trend out at this time. And I think that we’re embracing the charm,” McGee says. “And maybe a few years ago…vintage things would have been ‘too grandma’ but now it’s like, ‘That’s cool, that’s great.’”

6. Free-Standing Bathtubs

Native Trails

Keeping on-trend with spa-like elements and even vintage elements, Naomi Neilson, founder and CEO of Native Trails, says she has noticed an increased interest in another mainstay of luxury bathrooms of the past: free-standing bathtubs.

“Free-standing bathtubs are in high demand for those looking for the perfect at-home spa experience,” she tells us. “It is very popular for a free-standing soaker tub to be the focal point of a luxurious bath space.”

In fact, if you’re looking for a way to make a splash in your bathroom, Neilson says swapping out a built-in bath for a free-standing tub can be a single project that makes the whole room feel more luxurious.

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7. Cleanability

Getty Images

The bathroom is one of the most time-consuming rooms to clean, so it probably comes as little surprise that one of the most prominent emerging design trends is touches that focus on cutting down cleaning time.

How you set up your bathroom can have an impact here, with wall-mounted toilets giving you easier access to cleaning the floor and organizational systems keeping everything looking neater. However, the real star of the show here is the material you opt for.

ASID’s trend report suggests design ideas like “quartz vanities and large slabs or solid surface panels as a grout-less option, particularly in showers,” as well as matte and brushed metal finishes with enhancements for fewer watermarks. Neilson also offered some additional material ideas for those looking for inspiration:

“Hammered copper and glass are both simple to care for, only requiring mild soap and water to clean,” she suggested. “Additionally, hammered copper won’t show fingerprints like shiny marble or porcelain. Sinks and tubs with finishes that are protected with sealers for long-lasting scratch and stain resistance are also easier to maintain.”

8. Biophilic Elements


Biophilic elements, or those that help us connect to nature, are a huge trend elsewhere in the home, so it’s no surprise that we’re also seeing these colors and design choices pop up in the bathroom space.

“Warm wood and cool earth tones, as well as varying shades of blue and green—heavily influenced by nature—are all super hot right now,” says Neilson.

It makes sense that designers and homeowners alike are leaning into this trend, especially as spa-like elements and those that promote well-being are at the forefront. After all, what could be more relaxing than making your primary bathroom feel like a natural oasis?

“Incorporating this trend in the bathroom by adding plants and greenery to the space is an easy way to make your bathroom feel like your own peaceful sanctuary,” says Danielle DeBoe Harper, senior creative style manager at Moen.

Some other inspiring ways we’ve seen designers take on this trend include natural materials on places like cabinets and fixtures designed to mimic natural features like leaves and waterfalls.

9. Matte Black


If airy, natural materials aren’t your style, this next trend might be the bold statement you’ve been looking for—matte black is a general color trend for 2024, and it’s certainly popping up in many designer bathrooms.

Harper says that Moen noticed the popularity of matte black and even released a full collection called Greenfield where the hue is an option so homeowners can coordinate every fixture. “In recent years, we have seen a surge in the popularity of matte black finishes due to its versatility and ability to blend well with a variety of interior design styles,” she says.

10. Personalized Elements


While following the latest trends can be fun, lately designers have been seeing a shift towards homeowners going off the beaten bath and creating spaces that are uniquely their style.

“This year, we are seeing more and more that creating a space that you want to live in, and that feels personalized is what’s important,” Yacavone says. “Whether that is through bold colors or finding a connection to nature through neutrals—your space is yours to create.”

And while this certainly has been shown in rooms like the living room and bedroom, you might forget about all of the small ways you can express your style in your bathroom decor.

“Bathrooms deserve decor too,” says Rachael Grochowski, architect and designer in the Access to Design program at The New York Design Center. “I love a luxurious curtain, a velvet bench
and vases on the floor!”

For many designers, this means tapping into fun elements and a sense of personalization. Essentially, if it speaks to you, it can likely have a place in your bathroom design.

“…[Of]ten those really ‘fun’ finds are left out of bathroom design to make way for the calming and serene—and yes, there is a place for that—but we like to get a little playful and storied in every room—baths are no exception,” says Kathleen Walsh, an interior designer in the Access to Design program at The New York Design Center. “Intriguing art, unexpected lacquers, vintage tables and mixed materials make for a relaxing space too! Our advice is to bring what you’re drawn to into the room—relaxing AND personal.”

11. Sustainable Touches


Sustainable materials and fixtures are becoming increasingly important all around your home and the bathroom is no exception. And since many of your favorite brands are focusing on sustainability, that means that you don’t need to make sacrifices on style or luxury in order to make your space better for the environment.

“Today’s consumer wants to be a part of addressing challenges related to the changing climate. Now more than ever, they want to be agents of change and relate to companies and products that share their eco-minded vision for the future…,” says Oakley.

In fact, looking at some of your favorite brands and products is a great place to start when trying to find sustainable alternatives, including products that reduce water usage (like TOTO’s high-efficiency toilets, which consume only 1.28 or 1.0 gallons per flush) or items made of recycled materials (like the Vox vessel sink made with 70% recycled manufacturing materials from Kohler shown above).

Other great ways to be more sustainable include using natural materials like bamboo, recycled glass or cork as well as low-VOC paints and finishes Oakley suggests.

Bottom Line

All of these trends paint a fairly clear picture: Gone are the days of cold, icy-toned bathrooms with perhaps some decor as an afterthought. The bathrooms of the future are intentionally designed to be warm and inviting spaces for homeowners to take time for self-care and wellness. Everything reflects that ethos, from the warmer tones to the natural elements and the spa-like features.

Even if you can’t take on a total bathroom remodel at this time, a simple coat of paint or adding a new plant could be just the touch you need to feel just a little bit more relaxed when you start your day.

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