Bosch Tronic 6100 electric tankless water heater covers sinks and appliances for $559 (Reg. $749)

To update: Amazon has reduced the price $559 shipped.

Amazon offers the Bosch Tronic 6100 27 kW electric instantaneous water heater for $624.73 shipped, after clipping the 5% off coupon on the page. Starting from a price of $749, there have been significant discounts throughout 2023, ranging from MSRP to a low of $656. Since the start of 2024, we have already seen a big discount a month ago, bringing the cost down to a new low of $520. Today's deal comes at a smaller 17% discount off the current price, landing at the third-lowest price we've tracked – $105 above the all-time low.

This 27kW under-sink tankless water heater is designed to provide endless hot water to one or more sinks or appliances such as washing machines. It can be installed in a 360 degree orientation, with a size of 13 x 8.5 x 4.5 inches it easily fits into tight spaces under the counter and its low activation flow rate of 0.55 GPM is even perfect for the Commercial use low flow faucets. It features “96% thermal efficiency with no standby heat loss,” saving you time, water and money.

Amazon also offers the Marey Power Pak 12 kW electric water heater for $138. This 220V tankless water heater offers a maximum of 2 consumption points and up to 2.2 GPM with a temperature rise of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a backlit LCD display for easy temperature selection and allows for a simple installation and electrical connection process.

For a larger unit, you can also check out the current offering for the Ecosmart ECO 36 36kW 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater, which has a 6-gallon capacity and measures just 3.6″ x 21″ x 17″. Its slim and compact design features a digital output temperature display and fits pipes with a 3/4″ NPT connection, but requires a 4 x 40A circuit breaker. There's also the Camplux 18kW instantaneous water heater, which is suitable for sinks and your shower. The low-consumption immersion heater “increases efficiency up to 99.8%” and requires two 40A circuit breakers, saving you “up to 60% on water heating costs” for your home. And to stay up to date with the best deals on other brands of electric water heaters, electric vehicles, power tools and more, visit our regularly updated Green Deals hub.

Features of the Bosch Tronic 6100 electric instantaneous water heater:

  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Fits easily under sinks
  • Ideal for Low Flow Faucets: With an activation flow rate of just 0.55 GPM, it is perfect for low flow commercial faucets in malls, airports, stadiums, offices and more
  • EFFICIENT AND DURABLE: 96% thermal efficiency with no standby heat loss to save you time, water and money. The case is housed in a sturdy white plastic case that blends in with the existing furnishings
  • An activation flow rate of just 0.55 GPM
  • 5 year limited warranty

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