Broken septic tank inside South Goa police headquarters repaired after O Heraldo report

February 20, 2024 | 05:55am IST

Broken septic tank repaired at South Goa Police Headquarters as reported by O Heraldo

Team Herald

MARGAO: The broken septic tank at the South Goa police headquarters was repaired by the authorities concerned after O Heraldo highlighted the issue.

The overflowing sewage from the broken septic tank posed a health hazard to residents.

Reacting to this development, parents and even students expressed their joy and thanked O Heraldo for highlighting the issue.

It may be recalled that leakage of sewage from a broken and overflowing septic tank of the South Goa Police Headquarters on the footpaths caused major inconvenience to local residents. Angry parents, local school authorities and even South Goa Police Headquarters officials urged the authorities concerned to immediately put an end to the stinking nuisance before it becomes a health hazard.

This issue was highlighted by O Heraldo, following which repair work was carried out on the septic tank on Saturday. The sewage overflow has stopped. Renuka Desai, a parent, thanked this newspaper for highlighting this issue.

“Despite repeated requests from parents and the public, the relevant authorities had failed to stop the overflowing septic tank at the police headquarters. But after O Heraldo highlighted the issue, everything changed immediately,” she said.

Anita Fernandes, another parent, appealed to the relevant authorities to take such situations seriously as they affect the children.

“Such incidents should not happen again. “The health department and the Goa State Pollution Control Board must be vigilant and take strict action against those involved in causing nuisance,” she demanded.

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