Business Profile: Grant’s Septic Techs uses education to extend life of septic systems

The family team behind Grant’s Septic Techs includes (from left) Brandon, Daniel and Derek Grant.

The sewage treatment industry is “not so pretty,” says Derek Grant, chief operating officer at Grant’s Septic Techs. “It’s a pretty crappy industry – no pun intended,” he adds, laughing. But the Grant family sees the beauty of giving homeowners peace of mind about the innermost workings of their property.

Derek Grant’s grandfather William founded the company in 1961 and his father Daniel later became the owner. Today Derek and his brother Brandon run the show. With more than six decades in the field, the Grants have seen it all and are eager to share that knowledge with the community.

“Our entire mission is to help homeowners reduce their sewage treatment system maintenance expenses while ensuring their systems last,” says Grant. “We do that through educational content, as well as maintenance testing, programs and assessments.”

The company recently launched a maintenance program to help customers save money and avoid unnecessary pumping. “Typically, homeowners pump every one to three years, and often pumping isn’t necessary,” Grant explains. “But people do it because they’re nervous about their system and they don’t know what’s going on.”

Instead of making homeowners spend $400-500 every one to three years, the company performs an annual inspection as part of its $11.95-per-month maintenance plan. If it is determined that pumping is required, customers receive a 25% discount on pumping services.

During an initial assessment, technicians recommend a program tailored to each home. “It may require a basic maintenance program,” Grant explains, “or we may need to repair and repair a system that is about to fail so that it lasts up to 80 years, which could save homeowners $20,000 to $30,000.” “ ”

According to Grant, the biggest misperception homeowners have is that if they pump their tank every year or two, their system will never fail. “Think of your car. If you were to say, “Yeah, if I change my oil filter more often, my car will last forever.” We all know it won’t last forever,” he says, “and the same goes for sewage systems.” If another Company says a system is down, Grant recommends getting a second opinion. “Sometimes companies don’t do a full inspection, and that could be another problem,” he says.

Water consumption is the most common cause of errors, Grant explains. He also emphasizes the “do not flush” rules: so-called “flushable” wipes, hair, menstrual products, and virtually anything other than toilet paper should not be flushed down the toilet. The company also suggests minimizing the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and being sparing with garbage disposal, since food waste doesn’t go to the septic tank to decompose.

Knowing the location of a tank is also important so homeowners can avoid parking over the system and planting trees or shrubs whose roots can cause clogs.

“Our ultimate goal is to educate people across Massachusetts, whether customers or not, about the best ways to ensure their sewage systems last as long as possible – protecting their homes, their wallets, and the environment,” says Grant.

To learn more, visit or call 508-529-6255.

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