CDHD Has New System For Residential Water, Septic Tank Permits

The Environmental Health Department at Chelan-Douglas Health District has a new platform to handle permitting and licensing. 

The change will let the general public apply and pay online for all of the district’s environmental health services.  

Those include management of water systems and septic tanks individually owned by residents. 

The new platform will let people track their permits, request inspections online and obtain status updates on their projects at any time. 

The health district says the transition to the new platform, SMARTGOV, should not interfere with any existing applications that have been processed. 

The agency says staff members will be available to provide instructions and assistance for all new users of the platform 

According to the health district, SMARTGOV is a world-class license and permit management software designed by Brightly and recently acquired by Granicus.  

SMARTGOV is specially designed to help government agencies easily manage permitting, licensing, code enforcement, and inspections. 

The health district’s environmental health services also include inspection of all public swimming pools such those at hotels, inspection of all land fills and inert waste such as sand and concrete

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