Champion Plumbing announces exclusive NuFlow partnership

OKLAHOMA CITY, March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Champion Plumbing, a leading provider of plumbing services to the Oklahoma City Division, announces an exclusive partnership with NuFlow Technologies, the leading technology solution for trenchless pipe repair. Champion is now the only certified NuFlow installer and distributor in Oklahoma.

NuFlow offers cost-effective, sustainable pipe repair and rehabilitation services that don’t require digging.

“It can be a real hassle when we have to dig up a client’s yard or kitchen to do pipe repairs,” he said Brent Harpole, co-owner of Champion Plumbing. “It creates a huge mess for the customer and their daily routine can be disrupted. It’s an expensive, time-consuming process. In most cases, NuFlow offers the same quality and reliability as traditional pipe repairs without the expense or disruption.”

With NuFlow, the installer identifies a single access point, cleans and dries the inside of the pipe, and then applies the environmentally friendly NuFlow epoxy liner. The liner cures in place leaving pipes free from corrosion and clogs. The NuFlow epoxy lining also protects the tubes from root damage. Other benefits include improved flow rate and reduced risk of groundwater contamination.

“We’ve long been impressed with NuFlow, so we’re excited to offer this value to our customers,” said Harpole. “Homeowners in the Oklahoma City Area will find that NuFlow repairs are painless, affordable, and most jobs can be completed in a day or two.”

Champion Plumbing will have three NuFlow certified technicians by the end of March. Visit for more information.

About Champion Plumbing
Champion Plumbing was founded in 2015 and is run by the couple Leslie and Brent Harpole. Champion provides sanitation and water quality services to San Francisco residents Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and environment. The team specializes in water heaters, drain cleaning, garbage disposal, water filtration systems and backflow repair. The company strives to give back to the local community and help them with their sanitation needs.

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