Champion Plumbing offers advice to help homeowners evaluate water heater options

Instantaneous water heaters produce an endless amount of hot water, but take longer to deliver the water compared to traditional tanks. Water temperatures can also be inconsistent when using multiple outlets at the same time. Tankless heaters typically last longer than tank heaters and can provide significant cost and energy savings, but the upfront cost of purchasing and installing the units is significantly higher than tank heaters.

Harpole also advises that water heaters cannot provide hot water in the event of a power failure. On the other hand, the space-saving tankless design allows it to be conveniently installed on a wall or in a closet. They have safety advantages over conventional tank heaters and eliminate the risk of flooding due to a broken tank. Energy efficiency is also environmentally friendly.

“When the time comes to replace an aging water heater, our goal is always to help homeowners understand their options and make an informed decision that best suits their current and future needs,” said Harpole.

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