Chef disgusts TikTok by cooking shrimp in plane’s bathroom sink

Molly Byrne

Published: 2023-12-08T20:05:47Updated: 2023-12-08T20:05:59

A chef has gone viral again for his cooking skills, but this time he used an airplane bathroom as his kitchen.

Chef Barfly is known on TikTok for preparing various meals in just about any bathroom he can find.

He’s cooked French onion soup, baby back ribs, roast chicken and, most recently, shrimp and mashed potatoes.

But this time Barfly went one step further and cooked his food in the bathroom of an airplane.

TikTokers are wondering how Chef got his cookware through the TSA

Chef Barfly admitted it was a “terrible idea” and used a plane’s sink mid-flight to cook his latest concoction.

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He even brought his own kitchen supplies, such as two 6V batteries connected to an immersion drink heater.

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To make his garlic butter-soaked shrimp and mashed potatoes, he made sure the sink didn’t drain.

Chef Barfly then filled the sink with water and shrimp while dipping the drink warmer into the mixture. Then the shrimp started cooking.

He then mashed his potatoes in the same sink, which was emptied at the time. However, he used his hands throughout the entire process, leaving TikTokers disgusted by the whole ordeal.

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One viewer commented on his video: “Cooking at the changing station is crazy.”

While another wrote: “Eating it out of the barf bag is the most hygienic part.”

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One person even commented that Chef Barfly’s immune system must be “top notch.” While another asked the obvious question of how he got through TSA with his cookware.

And even though his cooking methods are clearly unhygienic, Chef Barfly continues to do his thing despite the negative comments as he has amassed a TikTok following of over 155,000 people who think his cooking skills are off the charts.

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