Clark County residents can get assistance for septic system issues

As part of Septic Smart Week, Clark County Public Health is reminding county residents that assistance is available to homeowners with sewage treatment system maintenance, repair and replacement.

By ensuring systems are in good working order, owners can protect the value of their property and avoid costly emergency system replacements or subsequent repairs. Public Health recommends homeowners work with county-certified professionals to conduct system inspections and seek advice on on-site sewer system maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

The Clark County Community Services Housing Maintenance Program provides deferred, low-interest, flexible loans for repair and maintenance of local sewage systems. Over the past 15 years, the program has funded 48 septic tank repair or replacement projects totaling nearly $640,000, with an average loan amount of approximately $13,000.

For more information on the Housing Preservation Program, visit or contact Dawn Lee at 564-397-7811 or [email protected]

A new local program, Poop Smart Clark, has now allocated funds to repair sewer systems in select areas of Clark County. Administered by the Clark Conservation District, the grant-funded program provides financial assistance to people with septic systems in areas near polluted creeks.

Poop Smart Clark reimburses up to $130 for inspection costs and $500 for pumps and repairs, and now up to $20,000 for a limited number of full sewage treatment plant replacements or major repairs. Assistance is available to property owners in certain East Fork Lewis River watersheds.

The program runs through Fall 2024. For more information, visit

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