Cleaning expert’s methods that will will save you hundreds on plumbing bills

Maintaining our plumbing is usually a job for professionals—or at least for those who are very handy at DIY. But there are things we can do to avoid high bills for plumbing problems, too.

Even for those of us who enjoy cleaning and tidying up, working in the bathroom and cleaning the toilet can be some of the most unpleasant tasks.

Having a clogged toilet is definitely not an ideal task, but it is not always necessary to call a plumber to fix the problem.

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First, try some practical cleaning tips: Nick Ross, cleaning expert at Home Spritz, has shared seven ways to unclog a toilet yourself, including using a coat hanger and vinegar and baking soda.

1. Flange piston

A flange plunger differs from traditional plungers in that it has a smaller bowl at the end that is specifically designed to fit snugly into a typical toilet drain.

Cleaning a toilet(Image: Getty)

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