Cockroaches, pink slimy substance and no soap at sink: Chester County restaurant inspections July 10 | Restaurant Inspections

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Birmingham Township

Radley Run Country Club, 1100 Country Club Rd, Follow Up, June 28, Pass. One exterior door was propped open between the exterior pool deck and the interior snack cafe, risking vector entry. As this facility does not have an open-air variance, all doors and windows must be kept closed or provided with tightly-fitted screens. Note: Failure to comply could risk approval of a variance being granted in the future. Door closed at time of inspection.

Caln Township

Food bandit and SPC Commissary at Appeteazers Bar and Grill, 2348 Lincoln Hwy, June 29, Pass. 

Coatesville City

Brandywine Valley Active Aging Coatesville, 250 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, June 27, Pass. No violations. 

JB’s Web, 302 W Lincoln Hwy, June 28, Pass. Clean shelves inside beer reach-in coolers.

Jamrock Caribbean Cuisine, 144 E Lincoln Hwy, June 29, Pass. A few ready-to-eat food items were observed stored in refrigeration without dates. Date all ready-to-eat food prior to placing it into storage. Correct procedures immediately. Two door freezer was observed with ice build-up. Floor coving damaged and/or missing in front service area at floor and wall juncture. 

Turkey Hill, 1000 W Kings Hwy, June 29, Pass. Violet Campanaro is the certified food manager and her certificate expires as of this Friday July 1, 2022. A full time employee must enroll in an approved certified food managers course within 30 days and become registered with Chester County Health Department within 90 days. Door gasket was observed damaged on the walk-in freezer door. This may be causing the ice build-up inside and around the door. Repair door gasket within 30 days. Nozzles on the fountain soda machine were dirty from soda syrup build-up.

Family Dollar Store, 400 E Lincoln Hwy, Complaint, June 30, Pass. No violations. 

Downingtown Borough 

Amani’s BYOB, 105 E Lancaster Ave, June 28, Pass. Observed the interior white chute of the ice machine to have a pink slimy substance on it. Observed single use bowls rather than scoops with a handle being used in bulk food product bins. Observed wet wiping clothes in the upstairs kitchen, not being stored in the sanitizer solution.

Pomod’oro Italian Ristorante, 200 Chestnut St, June 28, Pass.  Observed the caulk seal at three by sink / wall junction to be old and deteriorating.

East Branch Brewing Company, 202 E Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 30, Pass. No violations. 

East Caln Township

Buffalo Wild Wings, 103 Quarry Rd, Follow Up, June 27, Pass. No violations. 

Easttown Township

Heart Stone Coffee at Devon Yard Farm in Downingtown, 25 S Waterloo Rd, June 25, Pass. No violations. 

Trinity Presbyterian Church, 640 Berwyn Rd, June 27, Pass. Observed the facility using bleach that did not state it was for sanitizing food contact surfaces.

East Marlborough Township

Grain Craft Bar and Kitchen, 108 W Street Rd, June 30, Fail. Entire facility must be thoroughly cleaned for proper treatment for pests. Basement Prep – floor surface has deteriorated. Resurface floor to be easily cleanable and non-porous. Submit plan for resurfacing for approval before work begins. One hood filter was missing over the fryers. It was reported the fans shut off if the filter is not removed. Filters must be in place to catch grease. Hand soap was not supplied at the kitchen hand sink. Soap was reportedly arriving before opening today, but was not supplied during opening/prep. Soap must be supplied at all times. Live roaches observed at hand sink in kitchen, under the kitchen 3 bay sink, and on glue boards in the basement.

Wayback Burgers, 811 Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, June 28, Pass. In the back prep/warewashing room, the tile floor is in disrepair. Several tiles are cracked/broken and others have been replaced but are not grouted. Repair the floor to provide a smooth, easily cleanable surface. When using grout, ensure grout is epoxy based/for use on commercial kitchen floors. Facility was notified in an inspection report dated 9/21/2021 with a correct by date of 12/16/2022. Soap was not available at the handwash sink in the front shake area. Clean the following: b. Shelving of 3-door reach in refrigerator. Eric Nelson, operator, indicated that Dashalyn Barnes (expiration 2025) is the Chester County Certified Food Manager for this location full-time. Ms. Barnes must post her certificate in public view at the facility. 

Philly Pretzel Factory, 516 Schoolhouse Rd, Follow Up, July 1, Pass. No violations. 

Terrace Restaurant, 901 Conservatory Rd, Follow Up, July 1, Pass. In the Main Dishroom, pans and containers on clean dish racks were observed stacked wet. Pans and containers must be completely dry prior to stacking.

East Pikeland Township

Villa Pizza Italian Restaurant, 425 Schuylkill rd, July 1, Fail. Food employees observed in facility, not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets, hats, or beard covers. Raw wood shelves in walk -in cooler. Ensure the surface is smooth,non porous and easily cleanable. The table top can opener blade unclean. * Food like splatter on the interior top and sides of the microwave oven. Clean and sanitize in between uses. The following need further cleaning and sanitizing: * Hood filters. * Shelves under prep tables. * Upper splash guard at fountain soda machine. Floor under equipment and sinks in kitchen unclean. * Walk in cooler floor under food storage shelves unclean. * Floor edges under pizza oven are unclean.

East Whiteland Township

Sai Sakthi Food Market, 82 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 27, Pass. Observed Several foods for sale without a verifiable source. Prepackaged rice and beans are not labeled properly with the name of product, ingredient statement, net weight, distributed by statement and/or nutritional facts. These items can not be sold. Peeled onions were in the open air cold holding unit. Clean the area near the back store and get rid of any unnecessary items to the facility. Observed visible evidence, such as a live insect in a container of rice on the shelf.-Ceiling tiles are water stained and/or missing throughout the facility and the bathroom.

Sutao Cafe, 81 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 27, Pass. Observed wet wiping cloths in kitchen area, not being stored in sanitizer solution. During the inspection it was found that the sanitizer container had a chlorine concentration that was above 50-100ppm. Four dead cockroaches were found in the dining room. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil.

Biryani Junction, 235 Lancaster Ave, Follow Up, June 29, Pass. An open employee’s beverage container was observed in the kitchen area, a food preparation area. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kits to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. Eggs were observed stored above ready to eat food items in the bain marie. Ensure raw products are stored below ready to eat food items at all times During the inspection an employee moved the eggs to the bottom shelf. Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in one of the cold holding units, is not being date marked. Date mark any TCS items that are being stored in the facility for more than 24 hours. During the inspection an employee date marked all of the items missing a date in the cold holding unit. EHS observed employees’ personal belongings throughout the kitchen. Food facility is reusing yogurt containers, which is intended to be a single-service or single-use article. Old unused equipment stored in the kitchen area should be removed from the food facility. Observed wet wiping cloths in the kitchen area, not being stored in a sanitizer solution. Ensure to have sanitizer buckets set up throughout the kitchen area and store wet wiping cloths in the sanitizer solution when not in use.

Compass Group at Siemens Healthineers, 40 Liberty Blvd, June 29, Pass.In the dry storage area the light fixture protective shield is cracked and needs to be replaced. Some wall tiles are missing on the very bottom of the wall in the dry storage area and needs to be repaired

Franklin Township

1723 Vineyards Tasting Room, 5 McMaster Blvd, June 28, Pass. No violations. 

London Grove Township

Pizzeria Del Sapori, 300 E Baltimore Pike, Follow Up, June 28, Pass. In the walk-in refrigerator and under the service counter, cases of foods observed stored directly on the floor. Relocate to shelving at least 6″ off of the floor.

Lower Oxford Township

A Taste of Philly Hoagies, 703 Commons Dr, June 27, Pass. Posted Chester County CFM Certificate expired 10/31/2021. An existing employee has recently completed a food manager course. Complete and remit provided CCHD CFM Application by 7/11/22. Cleaning is needed under and behind the cookline- excessive grease and food accumulation. Clean tracks for the refrigerated display case doors. Keep in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.

New Garden Township

Grandpa’s Garden, 8934 Gap Newport Pike, June 25, Pass. No violations. 

Aaron’s Esh Mobile Unit, 8943 Newport Gap Rd, June 27, Fail. Egg cooler was 48F. Eggs must be maintained at 45F or less. Ensure the cooler unit is working properly and temp is set below 45F so that when the cooler is opened and closed frequently, it can maintain 45F or less. If the cooler temperature can’t be lowered, purchase a new cooler.

Hartefeld National Golf Club, 1 Hartefeld Dr, June 29,Follow Up, Fail. Dressings in the walk-in were over 7 days old. Outdoor bar hand sink is scheduled for repair on July 11, 2022. Ensure hot and cold running water are supplied to this sink. Use a temporary hand station until the sink is repaired.

New London Township

New London Presbyterian Church, 1986 Newark Rd, June 30, Pass. No violations. 

Parkesburg Borough

PA Boys BBQ at Parkesburg VFW, 406 W 4th Ave, June 30, Pass. No violations. 

Penn Township

Saladworks, 31 Jenners Village, Follow Up, June 29, Pass. No violations. 

Phoenixville Borough

Big Hearts Bake Shop, 153 Church St, June 30, Pass. No violations.

Uncle B’s BBQ Shack, 425 Bridge St, June 30, Pass. No violations. 

McDonald’s, 651 Nutt Rd, July 1, Pass. Observed wet wiping cloths on counter at drink station not being stored in sanitizer solution. A case of single use items stored on the floor in the basement dry storage area. Store 6″ off floor. Drink making machines and surfaces at drink prep station areas are unclean. Clean and sanitize in between uses. Trash like debris on ground outside at dumpsters.

Sadsbury Township

Stottsville Inn, 3512 Strasburg Rd, Follow Up, June 29, Pass. No violations. 

Thornbury Township

Giant Food Store, 1393 Dilworthtown Crossing, Follow Up, June 28, Pass. Clean the following: Hot Food Area: c. Fan guards in the chicken prep room. General Walk-in Freezer: An accumulation of ice was observed.

Tredyffrin Township

Santucci’s of Paoli, 1776 E Lancaster Ave, June 29, Pass. Consumer advisory must be provided for foods served raw or undercooked. Specifically the salad dressings are made with untreated, raw, shell eggs. Add consumer advisory to the menu for all items that use these dressings in the recipe and do not include cooking in the preparation. Correct menu by first routine inspection or sooner. Send a copy to the department for review prior to ordering a larger printing to ensure compliance and reduce costs associated with revisions. Large gap observed around pizza oven vent where it passes through ceiling. Provide an escutcheon or other effective means to prevent pest harborage and entry.

Upper Uwchlan Township

CB Enterprises Marsh Creek Snack Bar and Boat Rental, 675 Park Rd, Follow Up, June 28, Pass. No violations. 

Uwchlan Township

Power Play Snack Bar, 701 Haywood Dr, Pass. No violations. 

Wawa, 551 W Uwchlan Ave, June 28, Pass. Countertop breakfast freezer had a measured air temperature between 16-20 degrees F. Food items (hash browns) were felt to have mild thawing. Products held in frozen storage must be maintained frozen solid. Lower the unit temperature to maintain products in a frozen solid state. Clean the following structure: * Main walk-in cooler flooring under milk and ice tea shelving; spills * Walk-in freezer flooring; loose debris Clean both within 24 hours. 

Valley Township

Dollar General, 1106 W Lincoln Hwy, June 28, Pass. No violations. 

Lincoln Diner, 1202 W Lincoln Hwy, June 29, Pass. Plastic tubs are old and must be replaced. Provide new plastic tubs within 7 days. Remove old equipment stored outside behind the facility. Correct within 7 days. All equipment in the kitchen including refrigeration and tables must be thoroughly cleaned. Shelves in the Coke refrigerator were observed dirty from food debris.  Clean table below soup warmers. Clean floor under cabinets and equipment in front service area. Clean floor under equipment in dishwashing area. Clean the walls in the kitchen.

West Caln Township

Blessing House Food Co-Op, 197 Leary Rd, June 28, Pass. No violations. 

West Chester Borough

Penn Street Pizza, 241 E Gay St, Follow Up, June 27, Pass. No violations. 

Tsaocca Cafe, 18 N High St, Follow Up, June 27, Pass. No violations. 

Rai Rai Ramen Noodle, 124 E Market St, Follow Up,  June 28, Pass. No violations. 

City Buns, 34 S High St, July 1, Fail. FRONT ROOM: Install rubber cove base molding around the interior and exterior of the display counter. WASH ROOM: Seal all holes in the walls and install door trim where needed. BAKING ROOM: Repair and repaint the ceiling where the paint is cracked/peeling. Doorway Threshold from Baking Room to Rack Room: Paint the threshold to be smooth and easily cleanable. Front Room: All wood surfaces of the custom made-countertop and top shelf piece and the bottom base and shelving, which are non-food contact surfaces-but will be exposed to splash, spillage, or other food soiling, must be sanded completely smooth and sealed to render a shiny easily cleanable and wipeable surface-which also dries quickly. Food Facility is not using an approved Food facility does not have available a sanitizer test kit to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration.detergent-sanitizer in both compartments of the two compartment manual ware washing equipment. 

Yori’s Church Street Bakery, 15 N Church St, July 1, Pass. Replace three broken floor tiles in front of the dough sheeter. Clean the donut rolling racks within 3 days.

West Goshen Township 

Boston Market, 726 E Gay St, Follow Up, June 27, Pass. Some equipment is still out of order including: – 1 chicken oven – tubes of fountain soda boxes Repair equipment or replace with equivalent. Note: Purchase orders for new oven and parts for soda system were observed on-site.

Smoothie King, 1011 West Chester Pike, June 27, Fail. Clean the following surfaces: * interior of reach in bain marie * all hand sinks * sprayer sink (including cabinet below) * interior of ice cream chest. Clean & sanitize the following: * interior of large ice machine * interior of in-counter ice bin * table-mounted can opener.  Clean white ceiling tiles and vents in front of the house food prep area. If tiles cannot be cleaned and stain-free, tiles must be replaced.

Dough Sweet, 208 Carter Dr, June 29, Pass. No violations. 

The Smokin’ Duck at Aunt Mamies, 835 Lincoln Ave, June 29, Pass. Provide Quaternary ammonium sanitizer test strips at the 3-bay sink.

Michi Sushi, 909 Paoli Pike, June 30, Fail. Large barrel-like wood rice bowl is damaged/split. Discard this bowl. Clean and sanitize the interior bin of the ice machine. Clean the floors throughout the kitchen and sushi prep station. A few dead roaches were found on the floor in the rear dry storage area. Clean the following: * steel rolling cart * all food service sinks * gas range. 

Rolling Stars, 706 E Market St, June 30, Fail. Quat sanitizer solution in wet wiping cloth storage containers must be maintained at 200ppm. Do not store in-use utensils in sanitizer, only wiping cloths. Clean & sanitize the following: * table-mounted can opener * interior of the dough proofer unit. Clean the soiled ceiling tiles, vents and light covers in the food service areas. All spray bottles must be marked with the common name of the contents within. Remove the following crates: * raw wood crate bins * black plastic “milk-style” crates These types of crates may not be used for storage or as tables and also aren’t easily cleanable. Remove all cardboard liners from shelves. Employee beverage containers observed in bins of large ice machines, risking cross-contamination. Food/drink containers may not be stored in ice for coolant purposes when the ice is also being used for human consumption. Open packages of deli meats and cheeses were found without date labels. Refrigerated, potentially hazardous foods which are held in the facility for 24 hours or more must be date labeled with the open date, then must be used within 7 days. Provide date labels.

Wawa, 1195 Pottstown Pike, July 1, Pass. No violations. 

Wawa, 2 E Rhodes Ave, July 1, Pass. Post the Chester County Certified Food Manager (CFM) certificate in public view. Note: duplicate can be purchased from CCHD office if needed.

West Sadsbury Township

Hershey’s Farm Market, 959 S Octorara Trl,Follow Up, June 27, Fail. The deep fryer is not under the hood canopy. Remove or rearrange the equipment so that the fryer is under the hood. A bigger hood is likely needed. Fire suppression nozzles must also be adjusted so that they are directed at the equipment. Failure to relocate under hood with proper fire suppression, will result in notification to Twp Fire Marshal/Codes Enforcement. Clean meat room ceiling. Meat counter: this area is deteriorating rapidly. Floor is sagging, countertops are worn, shelving is no longer cleanable. Renovations to this area are needed. Submit a plan for upgrading this area. Outdoor Meat Walk in: Floor surface has deteriorated. Resurface to be smooth, non-porous, and easily cleanable. Meat Room exterior door– bottom of the door has deteriorated. Install a new door. Ensure the door seals properly. Add a sweep if necessary. Meat walk in door gasket was removed. Reportedly one was ordered but didn’t fit.

West Whiteland Township 

Big Lots, 201 W Lincoln Hwy, June 28, Fail. The following need further cleaning and sanitizing: * Interior bottom shelf of Dairy egg cooler. * Mop closet, clean and organize. * Ceiling vent covers in both public restrooms. Severely dented, swollen, distressed canned items observed in retail are and intended for use or sale in the food facility. Cans with sharp edges, dents or dented seams may NOT be sold. Remove these cans from the facility and routinely inspect cans for dents. Raw wood pallets used as storage surfaces throughout the retail area. Ensure surfaces are smooth, non porous and easily cleanable. Restrooms unclean including urinals, sinks and sink surrounds. Missing ceiling tile in retail space filled in with a piece of cardboard, several water stained ceiling tiles throughout retail space, and women’s public restroom. Replace. Packaging and dust like debris on floor edges throughout the facility, including under retail beverage coolers. Clean.

Chophouse Grille, 301 N Pottstown Pike, June 28, Fail. Main bar soda gun holders unclean. * side bar soda gun and holder unclean. * Food prep sink, and 2 bay sink in back food prep area unclean. * Several glass racks are stored on an unclean floor in the ware washing area. Store in a sanitary manner. Deep groves and staining on several portable cutting boards. When cleaning and sanitizing does not remove staining replace. Soap dispensers in both public restrooms on the left side of the hand wash sink loose from the wall. Observed wet wiping cloths throughout , not being stored in buckets with proper sanitizer solution.Dumpster lids open at time of inspection, trash like debris on ground surrounding dumpsters. Clean. Remove all unused equipment. Keep lids closed to a tight seal to avoid any vector activity. Glass like panel missing in door to kitchen, Replace . Dishwasher collection baskets filled with food like debris. Clean in between uses. Ware wash area unclean throughout including storage surfaces, dishwasher exterior and floor area including floor drain in front of storage area. The following need further cleaning and sanitizing: * Speed racks behind both bars. * sinks and surfaces throughout both bar areas. including equipment. * Interior bottom shelf of keg cooler behind main bar. * Interior surrounds of beverage drawer coolers behind the sidebar. * Wall and surfaces under hand wash sink at side bar. * Clean and sanitize raw bar unused area. Remove any equipment not in use. * Hood filters above grills in the main cooks line. * Shelves under prep tables throughout kitchen/prep areas. * exterior of both ice machines and ice tea service area. * Surfaces and floors under and around all pull out trash cans throughout the facility. * Interior of the reach is cooler at the wait station. * hand wash sinks and surrounds throughout. Floors throughout the facility and under equipment including both bar areas are unclean. Clean and sanitize floors throughout. * Floor drain cover in ware wash area removed. Replace, clean any floor drains with debris build up.

Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Great American Cookie, 137 W Lincoln Hwy, Follow Up, June 29, Pass. No violations.  

Whole Foods, 175 N Pottstown Pike, June 29, Pass. Detergent bulk container supplying detergent to the wash compartment of the mechanical warewashing equipment in the bakery was empty. Hand sinks located in the back area of the deli and dish area not supplied with paper towels. Restock and ensure sinks are stocked and functional at all hours of operation to ensure adequate employee access to hand washing stations. Basil observed the hand sink in the pizza prep area indicating a use other than hand washing or obstruction by storing items in the hand washing sink. Pulled chicken observed stored beyond the 7 day shelf life indicated on the label and required by food code. Fish observed thawed and stored in reduced oxygen or vacuum packaging. 

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