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Susan Moore needs help. She has septic problems in her home, which she believes are related to stormwater runoff behind her home on North Fourth Avenue in Colbert.

Moore says the first signs of a problem appeared when she purchased her property in December 2020. The listing indicated the home was connected to sewer, which she quickly realized is not an option in Colbert. A broken septic tank lid and the seller's promise to provide a new septic system before closing seemed to have solved the problem.

Then there were record rainfalls in January before the new system could be installed. The fifty-year-old sewer system failed. Even with the new sewer system, heavy rains lead to more outages, according to Moore.

She came before the Colbert City Council on Monday for the third time in two years and asked for help. Moore claims the septic problems are due to stormwater runoff at Project Street.

This time the council presented a plan.

After consulting with Moore before the meeting, the council decided to contract with Jason Smith to install a culvert on Project Street that would extend to North Fourth Street and further down the street to divert runoff. Culverts on North Fourth Street will be replaced and ditches will be cleared of debris.

The city council informed her that they would wait to begin the project until the ground had dried out from heavy rains, a survey could be carried out to determine rights of way, and the affected homeowners would sign a release for work on their property.

Councilwoman Michelle Cole recently said this project is already next on the city's list of drainage projects. Additionally, Councilman Chris Peck told the audience that he had heard that the septic systems of about 10 homes in the city had been impacted by the record rainfall in January of this year.

After the meeting, Moore said, “I believe city officials genuinely care about my situation and I want to share that they are truly trying to help me.”

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